We offer Distribution, Consultation and New Development.

We offer strong and green products worldwide. Our offer includes access to material specialists, distribution and new development consultant specialists as well as access to optimized machines and process equipment.

Green - together with PU Consulting AB

We focus on green materials and cooperate with partners about the latest technology to optimize the final characteristics. Consequently, we contribute to reduce global warming.

New chemical regulations per country, in Europe and around the world, are phasing out chemicals. As a result, the authorities work with direct control in all the companies and therefore they will now be more active and maybe visit your company.

It is important to follow the rules today. For your business and production, it is very important to understand the situation regarding the chemistry and process systems. If they are considered green today, they will be considered green in the future too.

Today, old materials and processes have many problems to meet the requirements of the new rules. PU Consulting AB will help you to work with green chemistry and the latest technology – to achieve Superior Performance.

Strong - together with PU Consulting AB

PU Consulting AB together with our consultants and partners measure the quality on your existing products, processes and designs. We offer stronger alternative materials and new techniques with more effective process and design. The purpose is to increase your Quality.

With strong products you will get:

  • longer lifetime, increased productivity, less and controlled maintenance;
  • low weight and one-step process without inserts and machining.

We will help you with Comparison Tests and Return On Investment (ROI) calculations, to show the benefits of stronger products in your production.

Consulting – We offer Special Knowledge

Do you need a Consultant with special knowledge?

We have specialists with many years of experience from the industry and academies. Therefore, our specialists have knowledge about how to optimize chemistry, process, utility and design.

We are offering consulting services from highly qualified specialists in the market, for example:

  • Environment
  • Material
  • Process
  • Mathematics and construction
  • Chemistry etc.

Since we receive requests from the market to cover new industry segments with specialists, we continuously update our business partner network.

PU general terms and conditions refer to ABK 09 unless otherwise agreed.

Are you a PU Consultant?

Do you have special knowledge? Have you been thinking about offering your skills to the industry? Contact us for a healthy discussion and we can work for you.

Distribution – we offer material specialities, machines and equipment designed for your need

PU Consulting AB distribute special chemicals, machines and equipment. We operate primarily through exclusive distribution partnerships. While using the latest techniques, we continuously update our partners in all projects about new developments and updated market information.

We cooperate with our customers globally. If English is not a spoken language in a country, we hire a local interpreter to speak the local language. In logistics and warehousing, we work with local service providers.

As a result of our network’s knowledge, latest technique and low overhead costs, we are able to work effectively on a national and international level.

New Development – We offer New Development together with PU Consulting AB

With our equipment, consultants and partners we supply prototypes. Also, we can start up your production or find a suitable toll manufacturer. We help you to find or develop the proper material, process and design. PU Consulting AB offers comparison tests and return of investment calculations.

Return of Investment (ROI)

We work with ROI to provide a calculative document. The document is especially relevant to explain how a material can give your application several times longer lifetime. Another area of use is how a solvent recycler can reduce your solvent consumption and waste.

Comparison Test

We evaluate performance with comparison mechanical test results. Thus, you can compare a new developed strong or green material produced with the latest technique to your current material.


With new stronger material and process techniques,  we can change the product design. Also, final application can have a longer life time and we can reduce the weight and dimension. Consequently, we can avoid extra inserts or expensive machining.


We use additives to optimize the material chemistry. To work with strong and green material you need the combination of optimized machines, process equipment, technique and knowledge how to operate the production with a smaller process window.


A strong or green material we optimize after how your and your customers will use it in the field. Also, we optimize the application to a new material with longer lifetime, lower price, material following REACH and so on.


Our equipment has the capacity to work with strong and green material and the latest technique. To be able to supply relevant prototypes, PU Consulting AB often invests in the equipment needed to cooperate with toll manufacturer, customers and partners.

Production or Toll-manufacturer

A customer can chose to produce or to use a toll manufacturer. Toll manufacturers sometimes are limited by what material and machines they can offer. Therefore, we support them and our customers by running the production in our laboratory or by our partners. We cooperate with our partners to deliver the optimized properties. Together we have the possibility to help our customers run the production until your new equipment is optimized for the new material, moulds and till you receive the material.

Equipment Rental

From PU Consulting AB, you can rent equipment for testing in your production. In addition, the testing also helps you to verify the technique until you receive your new equipment.

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