Cromogenia-Units, S.A.

Cromogenia Units is a UNITS GROUP company, founded in 1942, developing and manufacturing a wide range of chemical specialities for numerous industries around the world…

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Along these 70 years of experience Cromogenia has achieved an international scope reaching customers from all continents and producing in 6 plants located in different countries around the globe: Spain, Argentina, Mexico and China. We also have sales offices in Portugal, Italia, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and China.

The company have moved forward by betting on the most effective technology and R&D to improve the processes and products aimed to their customers.The company has also put the stress on investigation and promotion of clean and environmentally friendly technologies.

Besides Cromogenia have worked very hard to keep one of their main values alive, they call to help their customers. Because company’s main objective is to support customers to develop high quality products, adapted to their needs and that will help them improving their profitability, while respecting the environment.

Cromogenia Units has become a top company in the sector that will not stop advancing and investigating to be able to keep on growing and offering products that make the difference based on their quality and sustainable development.








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