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Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting

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Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting

PU-Sustainable Solution (ROI) / PU-Industry Segment Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting, Printing packaging and lables continuous_patterns, PUspec24/7™, Sustainable Solutions, Realwear HMT-1_HMT-1z1

FLEXOPRINTING AND GRAVUREPRINTING with PU-Strong and Green, products and services:

  • methods used for example in printing packaging, labels and continuous patterns.
  • list of  solutions including ROI, material specifications and process specifications to be used in sustainable purchasingorders.
  • focused information and it can also contain certain information related to materials and machines before and product information after this segment, as manufacturing of a Sustainable Solution (ROI) depends on having a complete knowledge from raw materials to finished product.
  • Strong and Green ⇒ $ save money ! (earn money!)


    • We offer according to customers Request for Quotation.

      • We have the knowledge in the chemistry, machines, design and process to offer Stong and Green Sustainable Solutions (ROI) when its’ required.

    • Final product price and quality depends on material, machines/equipment, process logbook and maintenance:

      • in manual processes the material is ≈ 10% of the total price.

      • in controlled manual (semi automtic) = low price and high quality

      • in automatic processes – low price but without logbok/questionaire to the Fronlineworkes automatic production can soon be an expensive process. Fontlineworkers without knowledge can produce big volumes to waste E.g. material is inside specification but still not as usual can a skilled Frontlineworker understand with experience. The automatic process “process specification” can not understand and will produce big volumes to waste.

    • If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it!


More information about Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting


Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting, Printing packaging, lables, continuous_patterns, PUspec24/7™, Sustainable Solutions,Realwear HMT-1_HMT-1z1

Flexoprinting , Flexography or “Flexo”

  • This is the most used method of printing for packaging. “Flexo” refers to the quality of the printing plate surface, which to maintain contact with the cardboard needs to be flexible as the corrugated cardboard has a very uneven surface.
  • Flexoprinting/Flexography or “Flexo” uses quick drying semi-liquid inks, and this type of printing can be used for high volume printing jobs.
  • Flexoprinting/Flexography or” Flexo” is used for printing packaging (like milk cartons, disposable bags, candy bar wrappers), packaging labels and printing continuous patterns (for example wallpapers and gift wrappings)

Gravure printing, Rotogravure (Gravure)

    • Gravure printing (Rotogravure) is used for long run, high speed and high-quality printing. There are different types of Gravure printing, also called intaglio (deep printing). A metal plate is used, often made by copper, where the color of the ink stays in the grooves, which has been cut or engraved by an acid on the plate. It can produce detailed images using a rotary printing press, which are fast and can be wide.

They can print everything from the smallest label to a huge roll of vinyl flooringFlexoprinting and Gravureprinting, Printing packaging, lables, continuous_patterns, PUspec24/7™, Sustainable Solutions,Realwear HMT-1_HMT-1z1


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Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting, Printing packaging, lables, continuous_patterns, PUspec24/7™, Sustainable Solutions,Realwear HMT-1_HMT-1z1

Mr. Ulf Perell


What we offer: Distribution – Consulting – New Development

What PU Consultig AB offer to Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting.

If you bought the product or service from PU Consulting AB we offer :

      • support from distance – with latest collaboration tools we work with you and your local craftsman service to support from distance during installation.
      • 24/7 low cost and fast service from distance  – PUspec 24/7™
      • Consulting, Distribution, New Development and PUspec, read more below.



    • Water and solvent treatment or distilling (less or no waste to recycle)
    • Washing equipments to tailormade cleaningprocess
    • Purchasing specification, Process specifications and Maintenance specifications
    • Reports – ROI – return on investment – measure process costs
    • PUspec® – optimized purchase purchasing specifications and process specifications e.g. polyurethane wheels, rolls & sheets with increased properties for short Return on investment time.
    • PUspec24/7™ – software and hardware to support frontline workers 24/7 from distance with live expert support or with drawings, questionnaires.




  • Tools – logbook & support from distance 
    • Support Frontlineworkers e.g.  in the production,  robotics programmers …
    • Library – save the solution to use next time
    • Expert support 24/7 from distance
    • Maintenance service and production as questionaires – save in SAP
    • Education
    • From mobile to Head mounted tablets – 100 % voicecontrolled ( Realwear HMT-1 &  HMT-1Z1)
    • Collaborations tools/safe software
    • Audits 360° tools/safe software
    • Help desk/service desk support tools
  • Film
    • PET foil, direct Recycling/Extrusion System
    • PET foil rolls
    • Plasma Equipment – treatment plastic or paper for sustainable printing without primers and effective adhesions between layers. Change surface from Hydrophilic to Hydrophobic or Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic.
    • Lacquers
    • Barrier Coatings
    • Glues
    • Cleaning chemicals
    • Rawmaterial &  process of masterbatch and compounds
  • Printing
    • Anilox cleaning  (automatic process)
    • Washing equipments
    • Laser cleaning separate or (Automatic)
    • Elastomer rolls in high quality PU  material after your needs
  • Measure to control your process 
    • Measure quality on Anilox “If you can measure it you can control it “
    • Measure Quality on Flexoplastes
    • Measure Quality on Gravureplates
  • Washing and Destilling and reuse solvent and water  (induction heating)
    • Water or Solvent distilling to reuse up to 80 % of your solvents
    • Connect washing equipment from klickes to machien parts
  • Packaging machines (if you build your machines) 
    • Elastomeric pars for welding with induction heating
    • Elastomeric parts as rolls, wheels ….
    • Pneumatic and flow control products
    • Range of management systems for several application categories and each type of requirement


New Development


    • We modify to fit your process
    • Build equipment for automatic cleaning with laser
    • PUspec® – polyurethane prototypes for optimized process wheels , rolls etc.


PUspec and 


To increase the efficiency and quality of your production and control maintenance costs 

    1. Sustainable Solutions with short Return on Investment (ROI)
    2. Tools to measure the quality in the printing packaging, labeling and continuous pattern printing process compared to process specifications
    3. Tools to measure the quality on purchased printing material/products compared to agreed material specifications Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting, Printing packaging, lables, continuous_patterns, PUspec24/7™, Sustainable Solutions,Realwear HMT-1_HMT-1z1

With PUspec and PUspec24/7™ we offer our support and remote solutions so that the productivity of the Frontline workers can be increased by giving them support at a distance 24/7 with digital drawings, questionaries and remote experts support  on demand via 100% handsfree voice controlled Realwear HMT-1 &  HMT-1z1 (ATEX). printing and Gravureprinting, Printing packaging, lables, continuous_patterns, PUspec24/7™, Sustainable Solutions,Realwear HMT-1_HMT-1z1


If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !  

AniCAM and QC Software – Anilox demonstration

AniCAM and QC Software – Plates demonstration

AniCAM and QC Software – Gravure demonstration


  • keep us informed about right contact persons in your company
  • keep us informed about what you need today and in later projects .

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