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PU-Sustainable Solutions (ROI)

PU-Sustainable Solutions (ROI)PU Sustainable Solutions (ROI), Sustainable Business Case PUspec_PUspec24/7™

PU-Sustainable Solutions with short Return On Investment (ROI) should be accompanied by the underlying data e.g. the format of a business case.


  • PU-Sustainable Solutions, products and services divided into PU-Industry Segments and PU-Offers


  • What have we produced / What have i I bought? What is the difference ? How can I improve ?  What is strong and green ?
    • We help you with (ROI), material specifications, process specifications (including instructions to help the frontline workers around the world to produce approved products following agreed and approved purchasing specifications)
    • Strong and Green products can be produced by you ! 
      • Are you infomed it’s difficult or many government rules ?  No it’s not difficult, we can guide you.
      • You dont want to produce (your brand)? No problem we work with a gigantic local and global network of producers interested in producing  Strong and Green products after your purchasing specifications.

As responsible for purchasing the same quality once or every time, you need tools in the purchasing orders . If you need help we can guide you.

Sustainable Solutions today is a mix of confusing information regarding Strong  and Green products. It’s extremely important for the buyer to understand the difference and to measure the quality vs the specifications.

#1 – Have you – what is needed to proof the quality and avoid misunderstandings ?

#2 – If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it ! As buyer you are responsible for the arrival control vs specifications in the purchasing order. Do you need help ?  No problem we can guide you.

Strong = 100% material with very high properties to last longer.

Green = material with less environmental foot print or modified recipe with added fillers to have less  CO2 impact.

What`s is strong and green for you ? if you get something you loose something else.

Very important that we understand the difference and measure the difference as with Green material you get less properties = short life time.

  • E.g.  todays’ marketing includes the words strong and green in marketing to inform us about that strong green material is used in the product, but the main benefit is lower price and yes less CO2 but don’t forget this material will not last for a long time. Green materials are produced with the target to be used one time or to pass the guaranteed specification when stronger material is produced to be used several times.

Difficult ? No problem we can help you

PU Consulting AB helps companies to produce sustainable solutions. We can suggest material and process, or we can help you to develop a product with the materials and processes you need. We offer you the possibility to help you with prototypes during new development.  We can also help you with what material and process specifications you need, together with the possibility for you to buy material and use our partner companies to help you with the manufacturing of parts, or we can help you to start up your own production process.

Today companies are afraid to produce as they think it’s difficult. It’s not difficult, we can help you!   


If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !  Sustainable Business Case PUspec_PUspec24/7™

Strong and Green – products and services devided into PU-Industry Sectors

    • Strong and Green ⇒ $
    • List of  solutions including ROI, material specifications and process specifications to be used in sustainable purchasing orders.
PU Sustainable Solutions(ROI), Sustainable Business Case PUspec_PUspec24/7™

Strong and Green – products and service PU-Offers

    • PUspec®
      • material specifications
      • process specifications
      • purchasing specifications
    • PUsec24/7™
      • Know-how BANK
      • service & collaboration tools

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