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Remote strong green material purchasing, PU_Elastomer Material and process specifications, Remote collaboration hardware and software

PUspec – material specificaitons and process specifications to be used  in manufacturing processes.

E.g. PUspec  for Elastomeric polymers and Elastomer Polymer materials increases productivity in the industry. But if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. 

Do You have control on-

  • material specifications ?
  • process specifications ?
  • purchasing specifications ?
  • audits – questionaires remotely ? (sustainable audits and quality audits)
  • collaboration tools for communications between frontline workers and experts or to be used in remote supplier audits?


Book a meeting to learn how to use remote AR collaboration solutions including PUspec. We have both remote collaboration hardware and software tools on offer.

  • Yes, it is useful for e.g.:
    • Your internal production or for production startup project management
    • Give instructions to your local service companies
    • Supplier audits
  • Yes it’s not easy!
    • PU Consulting AB can help you with material- and process specifications and tools to communicate instructions to the frontline workers.

E.g. Elastomeric polymers and Elastomers Polymers for use in manufacturing can be used in endless final applications for different purposes. The recipe behind the material can be simple and clean or complicated and difficult to understand. The final choice can be e.g., high quality to lower quality material and focus on price or for a purpose to deliver strong and sustainable solutions.  The applications design, process equipment used, mold design and especially the process together with the knowhow behind the process changing the quality from one delivered product to the next product.  Elastomer polymers can be delivered in batches if the process is a batch process. Elastomeric polymers applications are normally not a batch process, and the quality varies from product to product if  you do not use automatic or tight instructions to the different frontline workers in your production.

With return on investment (ROI) calculations PU Consulting AB evaluate your process e.g., what about production waste including products not inside specifications? Today the cost for recycling or waste collection is increasing fast as it is a new profitable business, and somebody must pay for the production waste.

With PUspec we work with you to keep focus on delivering strong and green materials and production. We can offer remote assistance with specification updates.

A copy of your product from a different supplier that has a similar look can be produced with a different purpose e.g., short sustainability, lower quality filled with low price material or filled with high quality fillers and additives for extreme properties.

The knowledge to use tight process equipment combined with the elastomeric polymer material, fillers and additives is important and without tight instructions to the production operators the result will vary a lot.

Material- and process specifications are important for the possibility to measure that material and process is correctly used in your process.

The same or similar data is used to buy the same products from suppliers. With laboratory and test equipment you measure to find the best properties for the final product. The same equipment is used for the quality check to measure if the delivered products are ok.

With PU Spec we can offer You remote strong green material purchasing support.


PUspec can be used to improve production specifications and processes by using remote assistance with specifications update, or use remote collaboration hardware and software tools. With PUspec we can also assist You with production startup project management and give remote strong green material purchasing support by using remote collaboration AR hardware and software solutions. Below are some examples of industries and products where PU Spec can be used:

  • Oil, mining, and cable industry
  • surface coating textile, paper, polymer, plastic-wood floorings etc.
  • glues
  • etc


Remote strong green material purchasing, PU_Elastomer Material and process specifications, Remote collaboration hardware and software

PUspec – e.g. Elastomeric polymers; Elastomerpolymers for use in manufacturing.

    • Quality control and verification services
    • Design and development of new products
    • Design and testing of new products
    • Design and development of technical products.
Research and Innovation Tecnothane and CASTECH, Tecnothane material & Castech machines

PUspec – automatic process and production with high productivity and low maintainance.

    • Tight automatic high quality machines improve the processability
Catalogue Gibitre Instruments

PUspec – measure vs agreed material and process specifications.

    • (Strong and Green ⇒ $)
    • If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !

With PUspec24/7™ we discuss your business case, including One unit Realwear HMT-1

  • Online distance meeting with you to start up Realwear HMT-1 to SEE WHAT YOU SEE and discuss your business case and needs.
  • Presentation & report
  • Offer includes one unit Realwear HMT-1

(Handsfree Realwear HMT- 1 works well with standard video conference programs to connect with your Frontline workers and experts to discuss  Sustainable Solutions (ROI) from distance. We offer Safe and  Easy To Use software solutions e.g. questionaires for instructions,  increased communication from distance or supplier Audits from distance.)

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