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Textile machine Expo 2022 - Borås

Europlasma and CPI partnership with PU Consulting AB

Europlasma and Coating Plasma Innovation, from Plasmalex Group, announces partnership with PU Consulting AB   Europlasma and CPI are proud to announce further expansion of their Global Sales support after […]

Printing industries increasing cost of raw materials – Perfect time for AniCAM !

Printing industries increasing cost of raw materials. Perfect time for AniCAM to save ready waste, make reduction in ink waste and increasing productivity! The past 18 months have been incredibly […]

A watertreatment patented automatic distiller, Genius model

A watertreatment patented automatic distiller – Genius model

Watertreatment patented automatic distiller, Genius-model. with new patenteted, automatic, no chemicals and 100% electric induction heating for the Metal, Industrial Painting, Printing and Industrial washing industry among others. Combine with […]

Easy-to-use (ETU) polyurethane, Tecnothan® ETU 1617G elastomer, Tecnothane® for heavy duty applications, ETU PU-elastomer processing

New easy-to-use polyurethane for heavy duty applications in the Mining, Oil and Gas and industrial segments

Realwear hmt-1 Nordic and Baltic, Realwear hmt-1z1 Atex oil-industries, Remote support 100% hands-free

Support FRONTLINE WORKERS with remote access to technical expertise with Head Mounted Tablet (Realwear HMTs) attached to Safety Helmets, 100% hands free, voice controlled.

Realwear HMT-1 or Realwear HMT-1Z1 (ATEX) can be combined with safe communication tools, AR – Augmented Reality and PUspec24/7™ for professional use. Realwear hmt-1 Nordic and Baltic, Realwear hmt-1z1 Atex […]

Best industrial hands-free smart glasses, Remote support with wearable computer, Reduce travel footprint with HMT-Realwear, Usual business during covid-19 safely

Keep Distance and connect to experts/technician On-demand and reduce down-time costs.

Cheaper, faster and easier for Manager, Workers and Customers

Film recycler, Rotating compounding extruder, Post-consumer plastic waste, Productive solution for film waste, Minimal energy costs

PU Consulting AB’s partner, ICMA SAN GIORGIO SpA – “ONE-STEP” UP-CYCLING system

Clamping force, Injection moulding machine, Reduce energy consumption, Booster, Clamp

Increases clamping force up to 60% and is compatible with all injection moulding machines. R.O.I. in less than 12 months with an average  R.O.I of 6 months for automotive parts. Buy smaller machines and save €10 000/month/injection moulding machine.

co-rotating extruder Nordic&Baltic

ICMA SAN GIORGIO co-rotating extruder for advanced PP and HDPE recycling

clamping force booster_plastic injection