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PU-Industry Sectors

Products and services devided in PU-Industry Sectors.

(List of solutions and underlaying data e.g. the format for a business case, including ROI, material specifications and process specifications to be used in sustainable purchasingorders.)

PU-Industry Sectors contains products and services divided under Consulting, Distribution and New Development.

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PU-Industry Sectors
    • Flexoprinting and Gravureprinting is used for example in printing packaging, labels and continuous patterns. 
PU-Industry Sectors

Whats in it for you ?

    • we guide you regarding :
      • prototypes
      • design
      • specifications
      • virgin materal or systems
      • process manual or automatic process
      • mixing machines
      • ovens   (special built rotation ovens)
      • pigments
      • release agents
      • green mold cleaning solvents
      • green flushing solvents
      • flusing solvent recyclers
      • accessories
      • … contact us if you need someting and we will help you
PU-Industry Sectors
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