Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™ and PUspec. Sustainable AUDITS, Know-How and Transparent collaboration remotely to offer STRONG GREEN products and services.

  • We have helicopter knowledge about sales, organisation, material, process and quality inspections.
  • We improve your products and their ecological footprint.
  • With transparency and best practices in product Management,  to enhance its ecological footprint and to pave the way for a circular economy.
  • We distribute Material, Machines or Equipments

AUDITS, Know-How and Transparent collaboration remotely to offer STRONG GREEN products and services :

Why use PUSpec24/7™ ?

PU Sustainable Solutions(ROI), Sustainable Business Case PUspec_PUspec24/7™
    • Build your products and services Know-How BANK with our Remote Transparent Collaborations tools. One tool for production, audit, purchasing, quality inspections…
    • We offer Consulting, Distribution and New Developlment support with remote solutions.
How? , Call us or mail us and we book a meeting…

Why use PUSpec ?

PU Sustainable Solutions (ROI), Sustainable Business Case PUspec_PUspec24/7™
    • Products and solutions tailored for customers. Tailor-made design, material, machines, accessories and automatic-process.
    • Transparent information and specificaitons.

How?, Call us or mail us and we book a meeting…

NEW offer – Sustainable AUDITS and Know-How with PUspec24/7 ™ and Realwear HMT-1Z1 (atex) 100% transparent know-how with sustainable products & services!

With built in thinking time and Swedish “fikapaus”.


  • Don’t trust all you read and hear!
  • You need sustainable facts ! 
    • E.g. Trace each products path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product, changes the environmental impact of products for good.
  • You can not hide!
    • You have the same responsibility whether you produce yourselves, buy or rent products and services.
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !

Our new offer – Sustainable AUDITS and Know-How with PUspec24/7 ™ and Realwear HMT-1Z1 (atex) includes:


  • Our helicopter knowledge about sales, organisation, material, process and quality inspections
  • Improve your know-how BANK per product & services (same if you manufacture or buy a product)
  • HOW?  We discuss your product, including One unit Realwear HMT-1Z1 (atex)
    • Online distance meeting with you to start up Realwear HMT-1Z1 (atex) to SEE WHAT YOU SEE and discuss your business case  and needs.
    • Presentation & report
    • Offer includes one unit Realwear HMT-1Z1 (atex)

(Handsfree Realwear HMT-1Z1 (atex) works well with standard video conference programs to connect with your Frontline workers and experts to discuss  Sustainable Solutions (ROI) from distance. We offer Safe and  Easy To Use software solutions e.g. questionaires for instructions, increased communication from distance or supplier audits / inspections .)


Call me now , Ulf Perell CEO +46 722 344 202

Finding, supplying and marketing of raw material specialities, machines, instruments and equipments is our main offer.


PU Consulting AB have over 25 years global knowledge of standard distribution. Our Network with raw-material, machine suppliers and our consultants gives us the possibility to work with speciality applications developed for the customer. 

Logistics (warehousing)
Our warehouse and logistic services cover the Nordic and Baltic Industries. Together with customers and partners we find the best possible solution.

We offer 24/7 service with latest techniques. Together with our consultants and partners we solve problems faster for our customers using remote assist tools . PU Consulting AB, PU Consultants or partners visit customers for maintenance.



Additional Services
Improve, Develop, Protect, Educate

PU Consulting AB specialists with many years of experience from the industry.


Academics with knowledge about how to optimize chemistry, process and design. The trend is to look for the low price alternatives but  in reality we all know sustainability is often the best alternative and pays off in the long term. PU Consulting AB consultants have the experience to support companies to optimize  purchasing and process  specifications.

See our Consultants 


With our equipment, consultants and partners we supply prototypes. We start up your production or find the right toll-manufacturer.


Together we find or develop the right material. We offer comparison tests and return of investment calculations. With partners development teams and together with end customer, we develop strong and green applications. With optimized material , machines and process the end-customer can have controlled maintenance and many times longer lifetimes, or the length customers needs for the application.


Product and solutions tailored for customers.
Tailor-made design, material, machines, accessories and automatic-process


E.g. Elastomeric polymers; Elastomerpolymers for use in manufacturing.
• Quality control and verification services
• Design and development of new products
• Design and testing of new products
• Design and development of technical products.
• Design and develop new process, machines and accessories. 


Remote Collaboration & Know-how BANK tools.
We offer our support as consultants with remote solutions.


With PUspec24/7™ we offer our  support as consultants with remote solutions e.g. We can see the case together with Frontline workers from distance via 100% handsfree voice controlled Realwear HMT-1 &  HMT-1Z1 (ATEX).

Know-how BANK e.g. company knowledge with self-learning combined with Remote solutions:
  • Work instructions
  • Purchasing instructions
  • Inspection instructions
  • Maintenance / Service instructions
  • Quality & environment instructions (operating system ISO9000 & ISO 14000)
  • Remote audits solutions
  • Remote AR collaboration solutions
  • Remote Non-conformity report solutions
  • Remote (24/7) service & inspection solutions .
  • “Glasses” – With or without apps (programs/solutions) in 100% hands free – head mounted tablets – you Follow instruction and we to  SEE WHAT YOU SEE – Realwear HMT-1 & HMT-1Z1 (atex)
    • Product frames as strong and green or good enough
    • products design
    • material-  and process specification (PUspec)
    • Prototypes
    • Measuring tools (If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !
    • Order with measurable specifications
    • Production against ordered measurable specifications
    • Automatic process building and optimisation
    • Semi automatic Manuel process building and optimisation

Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™


  • MAIN OFFER (distribution)
  • Material, Machines or Equipments
  • Quality Control and Laboratory Equipment
  • Prototypes, products and complete process
  • Audits (Sustainability or Quality) – reomte tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Inspection Tools
  • Know How BANK Tools.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES (consulting and new developlemnt)
  • Material, Machines or Equipments
  • Audits Sustainability or Quality – physically present or remotely.
  • ISO9000 & ISO14000
  • CRM-, Business-, Production- or Environm. system  
  • Maintenance management & development
  • Sustainable Product Responsibility
  • SAP statistics development

Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™ and PUspec. Sustainable AUDITS and Know-How and Transparent collaboration remotely to offer STRONG GREEN products and services.

Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™ and PUspec 

    • A full service provider with a focus on customer’s best interests.
    • We connect specialists / CONSULTANTS best for the projects or NEW DEVELOPMENTs
    • DISTRIBUTION: material, laboratory & process equipment, design, products, collaboration tools and consulting.
    • Helicopter view on all Industries.
    • We offer STRONG & GREEN sustainable products and services. 

Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with
PUspec24/7™ and PUspec.

    • Improve your KNOW-HOW BANK on your products and services.
    • Remote live video and audio AR audits
    • Improve or Create your KNOW-HOW BANK. Self-learning Tools from AS IS TODAY (one tool including – ISO 9000,14000 & LEAN production) until how new techniques impact on individuals, companies and society – PUspec24/7™ 
    • No it’s not difficult, “don’t hide”, We guide you with our Transparent offers :
      • We use and distribute PUspec24/7™ , collaborations tolls and can guide you with remote expert advice 24/7  from distance.
      • Realwear HMT-1Z1 means ROI (Return On Investment) – the world’s first hands-free Android  tablet class wearable computer for Frontline workers (e.g. industrial workers or audits during inspections)
      • – If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !

Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™ and

    • We guide you to use the right design, material and process or we improve or develop with PUspec, your material – and process specifications. We can also develop new products, material and machines tailored for you.
    • We guide you to buy the right product or develop products and services best suited for your needs – PUspec.


  • We quote after RFQ (Request for quotation) – OR – We quote after – RFQ & ROI (Return On Investment) when we have gone through the business case and with the decision makers reviewed what needs to be added. – PU-Sustainable Solutions (ROI).
  • News, Cases, Pitches and gossip per PU-Industry Sectors,  we update with PU Consulting ABs  & Partners News, Cases, Pitches and gossip per PU-Industry Sectors.
  • Collaboration tools: 
    • Distribution we discuss with your experts to understand your needs to get the years of knowledge at the fingertips for your technicians.
    • PU Consulting and New development,  we can access work instructions anytime and fulfill tasks faster. Train production and maintenance teams on-site and cut errors in operations.
    • Know-how BANK – build knowledge to take Sustainable Solutions by having control on Inspection & Knowledge library. Paperless and digitilized workflows, work instructions & AR remote assistance . Difficult ? No, we use our quality , maintenance and production consultants to develop and design Proof of Concept for validation of the business.


We quote after - RFQ

We quote lowest price after your RFQ (request for quoatation). If we don’t have what you request or in our big network we guide you after our best knowledge and suggest alternatives.

We quote after - RFQ & ROI

We quote lowest price after your RFQ (request for quoatation) when we discussed PU-Sustainable Solutions – ROI (Return On Investment). If we don’t have what you request we will suggest alternatives.


Global strong connections
Consulting - Distribution - NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™

PU Consulting AB team and network are organized to work with the industry for distribution, consulting and new development with PUspec24/7™. To understand your situation, we build personal relationships. Thus we can provide you with advice in accordance with your needs and technical support in all parts of your projects and processes. Learn more about our services on the following pages and contact us for an individual discussion. Consulting – Distribution – NewDevelopment with PUspec24/7™

Europlasma and CPI Partnership with PU Consulting AB regarding plasma distrubution
A watertreatment patented automatic distiller, Genius model
Easy-to-use (ETU) polyurethane, Tecnothan® ETU 1617G elastomer, Tecnothane® for heavy duty applications, ETU PU-elastomer processing
Realwear hmt-1 Nordic and Baltic, Realwear hmt-1z1 Atex oil-industries, Remote support 100% hands-free
Clamping force, Injection moulding machine, Reduce energy consumption, Booster, Clamp
co-rotating extruder Nordic&Baltic
Extrusion lines plastics Nordic&Baltic
Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Baltic
SIAM I and PU Consulting AB Partnership
Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri Partnership, EuropeanPlasticProductManufacturer
Compounding TPE, Extrusion for Pharma, Extrusion Plastic, Direct Extruder in Nordic&Baltic, TPE foil, compounding, medical, extrusion for pharma, Plastic, mixing TPE, plast
safety data sheet software, SDS, software, SDS, Safety data sheet authoring software
Engineering Elastomers TECNOTHANE VTER New Development, Elastomer components system
Distillation, Flexible Packaging (packaging) , Coating and Painting, Printing , Recycling, Distillation Printing solvent, Flexibel förpackning, Beläggning och målning, Återvinning av lösningsmedel, Återhämtning Växt
Smart Glasses -Augmented reality - Remote maintenance - job training Industrial Förstärkt verklighet – Fjärrunderhåll – Smart glasögon – Jobbutbildning – Industriell
Anders Åberg, Consultant, Polymer material, Injection moulding, Plastic Welding Konsult PU Consulting AB
Sustainability, green solvents, reclaims, recycler, washing, printing
dry cleaning machines, solvents, finishing machines, textile, washing
Components, dispensing, resin
 Resin, potting, encapsulation, Electronic, Electrical components
West&senior Composites Engineering in Birmingham 2019 UK
PU Consulting AB - WSL - K 2019
Suitable resin for each component, resin, two-component resins, insulation process, potting, electrical and electronic
CDTM Oven, Industrial Ventilated Ovens
Pigment Dispersions;Foam Expo Europe2019
West & Senior, Pigment dispersions, Pigment paste, Liquid Colours, Additive blends, PU Consulting AB
WPC, extruder, compounding, rotating, ICMA
High Pressure Foaming machine - sale
Laboratory Instruments for rubber, polyurethane, elastomer and plastic testing.
Plastteknik 2019 Sweden - Malmö Mässa, Fair malmo, Exhibition plast, Plastteknik Nordic 2019, strong and green products
European Coatings Show 2019, Safety data sheets/SDS, coating and painting, ECS
High risk decision
Recycling and new EU environmental goals
PSE Europe , 27-29 June 2017, Munich, Germany – Polyurethane Solutions
EURO EXPO Kiruna 2017 PU Consulting AB
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