We are a full service provider with a focus on customer’s best interests.

With frontline workers’ experiences together with purchasing-, material- and process specifications we measure performance to evaluate efficiency or profitability on investments
– Return On Investment (ROI).


New Offer
Design Elastomer, Automatic Process , Available 24/7

PUspec™, design & development of elastomeric polymers. Automatic or manuell process.

PUspec24/7™ ,  Remote, Audits/Support/Help desk/Projects



Elastomeric polymers; Elastomerpolymers for use in manufacturing.
• Quality control and verification services
• Design and development of new products
• Design and testing of new products
• Design and development of technical products.


REMOTE , Audits/Support/Help desk/Projects

• Material, machine, process and design knowledge

• Connect with Senior Consultants on demand


• Remote support with augmented reality & live video.

• Project management system to control all involved.

SPECIFICATIONS : We optimize material-, machine-, process- and design specifications and logbook for manufacturing i.e. used in the purchase order to avoid misunderstandings.

• PROJECT : We help start up your own production or connect you with a suitable manufacturer.

• PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT : Together with you we develop strong and green materials or applications. We supply you with prototypes, offer comparison tests and return of investment


• MATERIAL & PROCESS : We filter the market to find the right material and process. We buy material and

equipment to protect the product and process before patent.

• SOFTWARE & HARDWARE: We use and resell different REMOTE programs – AR (Augmented Reality)- REALWEAR – HMT (Head Mounted Tablets).



Main Offer
Material, Machines, Equipment

Finding, supplying and marketing of raw material specialities, machines, instruments and equipments is our main offer.


PU Consulting AB have over 25 years global knowledge of standard distribution. Our Network with raw-material, machine suppliers and our consultants gives us the possibility to work with speciality applications developed for the customer. We are used to work with thinking-time and we have the knowledge to work with long project times with our customers before it pays off.

Logistics (warehousing)
Our warehouse and logistic services cover the territory. Together with customers and partners we find the best possible solution.

We offer 24/7 service with latest techniques. Together with our consultants and partners we solve problems faster with remote assist. PU Consulting AB, PU Consultants or partners visit customers for maintenance.



Additional Services
Improve, Develop, Protect,Educate

PU Consulting AB specialists with many years of experience from the industry.


Academics with knowledge about how to optimize chemistry, process and design. The trend is to look for the low price alternatives but  in reality we all know sustainability is often the best alternative and pays off in the long term. PU Consulting AB consultants have the experience to support companies to optimize  purchasing and process  specifications.

See our Consultants 


New development

Additional Services
Material, Process,
Testing ,…

With our equipment, consultants and partners we supply prototypes. We start up your production or find the right toll-manufacturer.


Together we find or develop the right material. We offer comparison tests and return of investment calculations. With partners development teams and together with end customer, we develop strong and green applications. With optimized material , machines and process the end-customer can have controlled maintenance and many times longer lifetimes, or the length customers needs for the application.



Global strong connections
Distribution Sweden NordicBaltic, Extensive Network - Global - Consulting and New Development,Environment,Laboratory,Productions and Maintenances,Products,Unprocessed Material

PU Consulting AB team and network are organized to work with the industry for distribution, consulting and new development. To understand your situation, we build personal relationships. Thus we can provide you with advice in accordance with your needs and technical support in all parts of your projects and processes. Learn more about our services on the following pages and contact us for an individual discussion.


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