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New development of strong and green products. Our offer worldwide is strong and green products. In addition we have distribution with material specialists, specialist consulting, optimized machines, and process equipment. PU Consulting AB

Consulting – Specialists with many years experience from the industry. Academies with knowledge about how to optimize chemistry, process and design. PU Consulting AB

New Development – With our equipment, consultants and partners we supply prototypes. We start up your production or find the right toll-manufacturer. Together we find or develop the right material. We offer comparison tests and return of investment calculations…


PU Consulting AB’s team and network are organized to work with the industry for new development. To understand your situation, we build personal relationships. Thus we can provide you with advice in accordance with your needs and technical support in all parts of your projects and processes. Learn more about our services on the following pages and contact us for an individual discussion. PU Consulting AB




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