About us

PU Consulting AB was founded in 2011 by Ulf Perell to help customers with distribution, consulting and new development. The company conducts technology development in materials, process and design. We have more than 25 years of experience regarding new development and speciality distribution.

The company is part of an international network and look primarily to manufacturing companies. We help our customer with materials and process development, material selection, analysis and problem solving. Our products and services are based on different materials and additives characteristics in processing. We link to requirements from applications and specifications. For testing, analysis and production, we also have the access to modern equipment.

Since our network includes materials specialists, process engineers and product designers, together we can help our customers achieve higher profitability.

Expertise ranges from recipe to material properties all through manufacturing processes. In addition, we have equipment for analysis and evaluation.

Company’s Strategic Goals

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with the latest technique, strong and green materials during new development with customers and partners.

Our Vision

PU Consulting AB is the hub of a leading network for industrial renewal and sustainable development. With a national and international presence, our network is a central part of our partners, global success. By interacting with academics and several industries, the operations of PU Consulting AB and partners help our customers to get competitive advantages.

Our Values

We use the latest techniques, strong and green material to have low impact on the global warming.


We work with established local logistics service and production providers. Together we offer customers and partners a fast and flexible service, which is important to get competitive advantage in the development process.


PU Consulting AB follows the development of strong and green chemicals and process techniques on the market. Since we combine green material, climate smart processes and strong design we help our customers reduce their impact on the environment.

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