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Purpose with PU-Offers ? 

We help customers with solutions and tools to take control of your products, materialspecification, process specifications  and to support Frontline workers when they follow instructions/questionaires/logbooks. Same tools can be used during remote audits.

PU-Strong and Green –sustainable solutions for products and services offered with short Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Strong and Green ⇒ $
  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it !

What is included under PU-Offers ?


  • PU-spec
  • PU-spec24/7™
  • ……

Purpose to offer customers solutions/tools to enable you to take control of your products, material and process specifications and to support Frontline workers when they follow instructions/questionnaires/logbooks.

Same tools can be used for audits when you have remote audits with producers on the other side of the globe.

If you measure you can measure performance to evaluate efficency on investment – Return On Investment (ROI). 

PU-Strong and Green

We supply according to customers request for quotation and if  you are interested we are happy to support with our knowledge. With PU-Strong and Green we offer, together with our best knowledge, the highest possible Strong quality and best Green material and process for the final products.

Ask us and we we are happy to support you with Remote tools 


Key to success – PUspec – material and process specifications.

    • E.g. Elastomeric polymers; Elastomerpolymers for use in manufacturing.
    • Quality control and verification services
    • Design and development of new products
    • Design and testing of new products
    • Design and development of technical products.

With PUspec24/7™ we support as consultants with remote solutions.

    • E.g. we can see the case together with Frontline workers from distance via 100% handsfree voice controlled Realwear HMT-1 &  HMT-1z1 (ATEX).
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