Easy-to-use (ETU) polyurethane, Tecnothan® ETU 1617G elastomer, Tecnothane® for heavy duty applications, ETU PU-elastomer processing

New easy-to-use polyurethane for heavy duty applications in the Mining, Oil and Gas and industrial segments

Easy-to-use (ETU) polyurethane, Tecnothan® ETU 1617G elastomer,…
Engineering Elastomers TECNOTHANE VTER New Development, Elastomer components system

Engineering Elastomers TECNOTHANE VTER New Development

Strong and green products is something that we at PU Consulting…
Plasma Surface Treatment machine, Plastic Film, plasma treatment sustainable, Plasma treatment corona, Plasma cotton and wool treatment, Plasma på textilindustri, Plastfilm, Plasmabehandling hållbar, Plasmabehandling corona, Plasma bomull och ull behandling
Components, dispensing, resin
 Resin, potting, encapsulation, Electronic, Electrical components
Suitable resin for each component, resin, two-component resins, insulation process, potting, electrical and electronic
Resin dispensing, electronic, Manual dispensing

Why automatic polymer-resin machine for covering and encapsulating electronic components?

Manual dispensing or automatic machine ? The use of an automatic…
CDTM Oven, Industrial Ventilated Ovens
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Technothane – High Tech Elastomers and Elastomer casting machines tailored to your needs – New Brochure

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