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Industrial Ventilated Ovens, CDTM could be the key to your success. There are numerous industrial ovens to choose between eg. for post-curing. Also, there are a few decisions to be made. Do you want a static oven with process gases still in the oven or do you prefer a ventilated oven? What is the deal with the automatic stop? How does the door opening at overpressure works?

What options do you have to work with monitoring software? How can you document the process temperature and time in the oven?

PU Consulting AB distributes Industrial Ventilated Ovens in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Log oven data is important for controlled product and process specification. High quality and performance ovens have always been one of the keys to success eg. for post-curing. Features such as maximum efficiency, reliability, and precision are important to meet all needs. We customize your ovens with options like floor level access to carts, baskets, containers, cages and based on specific requirements to comply with rules or unusual specifications. CDTM

CDTM versatile ovens from standard to complex treatments 

CDTM Industrial Ventilated Ovens

CDTM – Industrial Electric Ovens are produced as static or ventilated versions, suitable for various types of heat treatments. The ventilated ovens with an innovative air circulation are suitable for :

  • post-curing treatment:
    • polyurethane
    • rubber
    • viton
    • silicone,
  • dehydrogenation metals treatments
  • shrink
  • stabilization of :
    • metals
    • resins
    • coatings of electric windings
  • preheating and stabilization of polycarbonates
  • preheating for metal fitting via interference
  • etc

CDTM 8000 Bi -Front Matic the latest customer optimized CDTM Industrial Ventilated Oven.

From the standard CDTM Industrial Ventilated Oven, we build after customer specific requirement. One project resulted in CDTM 8000 BI-Front Matic for post-curing.

CDTM is suitable for heat treatments up to 240°C.

The item needed a special tray insert and several parts have to be treated at the same time in the oven. The best solution was to use two sets of wagons with trays. One is in the oven and meanwhile the over one cools. Thus it can be emptied and recharged. In order to optimize the effectiveness, the CDTM  have two sliding doors opening at the same time. This facilitates the recharge with a new wagon of products for treatment.

Fume Filtration System

CDTM Industrial Ventilated Ovens use a filtering system for processing and removal of fumes or dust from industrial processes. This option is ideal for capturing and filtering oily or powdery substances.

Monitoring Softwares

Monitor Software is a Control Software for recording and monitoring the CDTM Industrial Ventilated Ovens.

The software is suitable for the specific job of managing electric ovens. Also, other manufacturers ovens with compatible management features can also use the software. The software can simultaneously and quickly manage up to a maximum of 12 ovens.

Cast under vacuum 

When the application needs optimized properties or due to difficult casting we add the possibility to work with vacuum bags.

A questionnaire, choose the right oven.

The choice is based on these data:

#1 –Maximum working temperature (Celsius degrees)

#2 –Size of the internal chamber (Width x depth x Height) 

Based on these data, the type of oven is identified!

Based on the material to be treated in the oven, we can customize this with all the necessary accessories


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