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Safety data sheet authoring software – Regulations of each country – Create your Safety Data Sheets automatically, complying with regulations of each country.

Safety data sheet software

What is a Safety data sheet (SDS)?Safety data sheet software

Safety data sheets include information about the properties of the substance or mixture, its hazards and instructions for handling, disposal and transport and first-aid, firefighting and exposure control measures. Safety data sheet software

There must be SDS for the following chemical products:

Substances and preparations that are hazardous (i.e. inflammable, oxidising, explosive, harmful to
health and those posing a danger to the environment) in accordance with the regulations (CLP)
concerning the classification and labelling of chemical products.
Preparations that are not classified as hazardous but contain at least 1% (0.2% for gases) of one
substance posing health or environmental hazards.
Preparations that are not classified as hazardous but contain at least 1% (0.2% for gases) of a
substance for which there are community workplace exposure limits.

A safety data sheet can be used for:

Making risk assessments of the environmental and health risks that are associated with the specific chemical product.

  • Being a support when purchasing chemical products.
  • Setting up safe workplaces and working methods.
  • Ensuring that the chemical is handled in a way so as not to harm the environment or human health.
  • Preparing company-specific instructions and safety sheets.
  • Preparing a basis for the classification of own products (articles).
  • Preparing a basis for chemical replacement plans.
  • Preparing a basis for how the product is to be handled as waste.
  • Generating risk information that should be present in the company’s list of chemical products.

Some good to know stuff:

In the case of professional use the safety data sheet must be supplied to the customer no later than on the first delivery. In most cases sheets must be cost-free, written in the local language and dated. A “best before” date is highly applicable for this type of information and against the background of recurring regulation changes, so sheets should seldom be older than two or three years

It is important for those who prepare safety data sheets to have enough competence in the fields of chemistry, toxicology and ecological toxicology and be familiar with the regulations in these areas. At the same time the information in safety data sheets must be easy to understand. Therefore, any specialist terms must be explained, and test results also expressed in plain text. The level of detail of the information that is needed varies according to the type of product involved. If the product is intended for a specific application, more detailed handling instructions should be provided than if the product is, for example, a raw material or can be used for many different applications. A safety data sheet should contain 16 different main headings. Safety data sheet software

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Create, manage and distribute your safety data sheets;

SDSAREA: management and distribution software for safety data sheets.

It is a tool that automatically manages and distributes your safety data sheets (SDS).
It takes care of sending safety data sheets to your customers.

CHEMETER: automatically creates safety data sheets, using a unique smart calculation system.

Chemeter is an innovative software solution designed for the chemical industry that differs from others   available in the market.

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