Laboratory Instruments for rubber, polyurethane, elastomer and plastic testing.

Test your purchased parts or your produced material with laboratory instruments for rubber, polyurethane, elastomer and plastic testing.


Gibitre Instruments has made an agreement with PU Consulting to distribute the Gibitre Laboratory Instruments in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Gibitre Instruments was founded in 1979. The company was dealing with a wide range of activities in the rubber industry. This include compounding, moulding as well as control instruments production. In 2001 Gibitre Instruments became a separate company.

 Gibitre Instruments – Laboratory instruments for test:

  • during the development to document a modification in the recipe or process.
  • production quality control   
  • on parts bought from outside – quality check – vs. purchasing specification.

Products Overview – Gibitre Instruments

On our homepage you will find the instruments diveded into segments. In addition within each segment you find the equipment and standard.  Also use the link to the pdf to open up the detailed information.   Link to Products Overviw.

You can also look into Gibitre Instruments’ – Product List


The aim of Gibitre Instruments S.r.l. is the development, production and marketing on world scale. The offer is a wide range of instruments for laboratory rubber and plastic testing. The company provides maintenance and calibration after-sell services for the complete range of instruments produced.


The goal is to improve the position of recognized technological partner for all issues related with control of rubber and polymers.

Development of products

Gibitre Instruments continuously develops new instruments in conformity with international standards. Moreover, updates are made of existing products to meet the new needs of the customers.


Gibitre Industries is situated 1o min or 5 km from the airport. There are very good connections by flight from Copenhagen to Milano-Bergamo airport.

You can send your product or drawing and we will suggets the methods to use.

Also bring your samples with you to Bergamo. We will then together prepare the best test to complete your specification. In addition,  you get a training on your instruments and learn how the equipment works.

Welcome to visit Gibitre Industries in BERGAMO


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