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High Pressure Foaming Machine – Pressure – Sale

ECOPLUS SERIES OMS Group has designed and manufactures a new ECOPlus series of High Pressure Foaming Machines, paying particular attention to the compact design of this machine by proposing a simple, user friendly setting of machine parameters to simplify the introduction to high pressure technology. This ultimate version of high pressure unit has been created to meet the particular, environmentally friendly performance and budget targets most commonly required by urethane processors wishing to benefit from a simple to use, reliable and well-specified machine. The OMS ECOPlus series of high pressure units, working at 1:1 or 2:1 basic ratio infinitely variable by inverter with min/max output ranging from 6 l/min to 180 l/min, can be used for virtually all types of polyurethanes production.



ECOPlus 100 High Pressure Foaming Machine

Brand High Pressure Foaming Machine – Sale

Impianti OMS Group

Year-Delivered 2014 and started up Feb 2015 and in use until March 2016
Condition – Foaming Machine is disconnected. Can not be seen in production.



High Pressure Foaming Machine – Sale:

  • Location – Sweden
  • General Details – Complete production for garage doors or perfect
  • Terms and Conditions – EXW
  • Delivery Time – Immediately
  • Payment method –To be agreed
  • Subject to prior Sale

OMS – Impianti OMS

Impianti OMS was founded in the late 60’s during the expansion of the polyurethane foam industry. Its aims were to manufacture continuous production lines for flexible polyurethane foam block together with dispensing machines of two or more components for moulding flexible and rigid PU foam of various densities. In more than 40 years Impianti OMS has now reached a leading position in its market sector.

Impianti OMS is now a principal European Company ranking amongst the leading world manufacturers of polyurethane processing machinery and integrated manufacturing plants and is an industry standard for anyone wishing to come into contact within this particular sector of activity.Impianti OMS has been developing since the start of its activity and now covers a total factory area of 18,000 sqm with a total work-force of more than 140 employees, achieving a high percentage of exports as part of its annual turnover (80%).

Impianti OMS

has always paid particular attention to environmental issues, technical innovation, cost effective solutions, product quality and quality control standards.

Impianti OMS is member of the Hennecke

Group, which consists of ten separate companies located in the world’s most important economic hubs and markets (www.hennecke.com).


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