PU Consulting AB – New Homepage

PU Consulting AB offers Consulting, Transparent Distribution and New Development to produce Strong & Green products.

PU Consulting AB’s new homepage (Malmö, Sweden, Dated: 28-02-2017) is designed for you to find inspiration, knowledge and new suppliers, resulting in Strong and Green products.

With our network we help you to find what you need for your optimized product and production. With specialists’ latest technology, material and machines we have equipment to supply you with prototypes and products until you are ready to build up your production.

With Strong and Green material and process we can combine design and environment to increase your productivity, controlled maintenance or to reduce dimensions to save costs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use our specialty experts. Specialty service is expensive per hour but compared to normal consultant we can solve your problems and hit the bull faster, resulting in a low cost and effective new development.

Welcome to our homepage https://www.puconsulting.se


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