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Ulf Perell CEO of PU Consulting AB works with suppliers on the K 2016 in Düsseldorf. Our experience and knowledge in material and machines is to optimize and offer solutions to produce STRONG and GREEN product. In the K 2016 Extruder area we discuss with ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems Ulf have long experience with and developed new materials with in Europe during 25 years. During the discussion we found out that we have now the possibility to take ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems to the Nordic Countries together with PU Consulting AB.

ICMA San Giorgio a well known, privately owned company in the south and middle part of Europe have increased their capacity and together with situations outside Europe ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems have now the space for the Nordic market.

ICMA – Leading European Manufacturer of Compounding & Extrusion Systems

For the Nordic Market,  ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems is unknown but after the first introduction meeting during Plastic Nordic May 2017 , Malmö – Sweden, the potential customers have now information regarding our knowledge in machine – material and the benefits PU Consulting AB and ICMA San Giorgio can offer.

New meetings was booked during the fair for a follow up meetings the day after so we had to cancel the planning and marketing meeting and visit customers which is off-course not a problem for two flexible companies.

PU Consulting AB and ICMA San Giorgio will be in the Nordic again week 36 , 5-8 September for new meeting,  presentations and educations.

If you are interested send a mail or call and we will try to organize a meeting with you during week 36 or later.

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