2018-5-29( – 31) – Event – UTECH – Visit PU Consulting AB with partners

Magma Macchine Italy

29 – 31 MAY 2018

Magma Macchine designs, manufactures, installs plants and machinery to mix polyurethane and bicomponent resins in general. Starting from the analysis of the customer’s requirements, we develop and manufacture plants and machinery suitable for the customer’s needs. Moreover, Magma provides for technical assistance quickly and economically thanks to the knowledge as direct applicators of insulating foams and to the plant rationality adopted.

Magma is a factory specialized in the production of machinery and plant for the application of polyurethane, epoxy, phenolic, silicon resins, etc. To this activity, it adds the direct experience in the spraying at end that supply the know-how necessary to the design mindful of the requirements and possible problems of the final user.

Design- Considering the customer requirements, it studies and realizes customized equipment following the production and use requests paying particular attention to the dimensions, overall dimensions and handling.

Spraying at your- Thanks to the mobile equipment of its own design, Magma is able to directly carry out all the applications by spraying, casting, injection both of rigid foam both of special bicomponents (polyurea, elastomers, compacts). This is an activity necessary to test on field technical solutions that are transferred on the proposed products.

Assistance- In order to assure the correct product working, at the delivery it arrange to directly teach the personnel involved in the equipment use. It supplies assistance both by phone and by direct intervention at customer premises; in case of maintenance, the supply of spare parts occurs in order to limit at maximum the customer inconveniences due to machine stop and relevant costs.


Magma Macchine


29 – 31 MAY 2018

Impianti OMS production range covers both high and low pressure machines, hydraulic presses, standard and specially designed turn-key plants for all various applications (domestic and industrial white appliances, continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel lines, foam block plants, automotive, filters, elastomers, TPU and miscellaneous) and is able to satisfy the several and different requirements and needs of both customers and markets.
Impianti OMS high tech computerized equipment ensures that all “critical” components are produced to the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and quality.

IMPIANTI OMS SPA                          IMPIANTI OMS SPA

The company was founded in the late 60’s during the expansion of the polyurethane foam industry. Its aims were to manufacture continuous production lines for flexible polyurethane foam block together with dispensing machines of two or more components for moulding flexible and rigid PU foam of various densities. In more than 40 years Impianti OMS has now reached a leading position in its market sector.

Impianti OMS is now a principal European Company ranking amongst the leading world manufacturers of polyurethane processing machinery and integrated manufacturing plants and is an industry standard for anyone wishing to come into contact within this particular sector of activity. Impianti OMS has been developing since the start of its activity and now covers a total factory area of 18,000 sqm with a total work-force of more than 140 employees, achieving a high percentage of exports as part of its annual turnover (80%).

Impianti OMS has always paid particular attention to environmental issues, technical innovation, cost effective solutions, product quality and quality control standards.

Impianti OMS is member of the Hennecke Group, which consists of ten separate companies located in the world’s most important economic hubs and markets.