2017-11-8(-9) – Event – Exhibition at the Mining and Industry Fair

With a wholehearted participation in the Grand Exhibition at the Mining and Industry Fair in Kiruna on 8th and 9th November, 2017 – PU Consulting AB got a valuable chance to meet many valuable customers and partners.

Furthermore, the participation in this Mining and Industry Fair welcomes more opportunities of growth and development.

Also, this Collaboration with PU Consulting AB contributes to reduced maintenance and increased productivity with better results.

As a result, you get a Strong and Green Production.

Consultation – Specialists with long experience in optimizing materials, processes and design.

Distribution – Development and promotion of materials, machinery and equipment.

New Development – With our equipment and our network, you can develop prototypes and develop new materials.

Finally, Print your Ticket for Free Entrance to the fair – EURO EXPO- PU Consulting AB.

You are Welcome!