Fast and accurate testing in rubber laboratories with new developed Rheometer


NEW RHEOCHECK MD – DRIVE – Moving Die Rheometer controlled by Personal Computer


Product Overview:

  • The Rheocheck MD – Drive measures the cure characteristics of a rubber compound in conformity with the international standards ISO 6502-3 and ASTM D 5289.
  • The measure of the vulcanisation is performed by measuring the evolution of the mechanical characteristics of the sample. The instrument applies a cyclic strain to a test piece and measures the torque resistance of the sample. The test is carried out at a constant temperature and the measure of stiffness is recorded continuously as a function of time.

Development and Production:

  • The instrument is totally developed and produced in the plant of Instruments in Italy.
  • All the mechanical parts are produced in the company workshop using modern CNC machines.
  • Components and sensors from well-known brands are selected in order to ensure the maximum reliability in the measures
  • Internal trained personnel takes care of all the production stages: assembly, start-up, calibration, packing, shipment and installation.

The development of the new instrument took about 2 year of activity and includes:

  • New frame
  • New electrical board
  • Improved technology for the regulation of the temperature
  • New mechanical construction of the test chamber
  • New software


Construction Characteristics:

  • Solid steel frame with epoxy powder coating.
  • Easily accessible test area with transparent safety panel and safety lock.
  • Die closure system with 4 columns structure to ensure long time stability.
  • The top part of the frame is designed for the connection to a fume aspiration system
  • Air filter and pressure regulation unit for pneumatic devices is integrated into the instrument.

Product Features and Characteristics:

  • Pressuriz test chamber conforming to the international standards.
  • The formulation for the seals has been specifically developed by PU Consulting AB’s partner to ensure Low friction and long duration.
  • The device allows you to easily adjust the thickness of the specimen to meet the requirements of ISO 6502-3.
  • The thermal insulators, used to avoid heat transmission, have been chosen for their excellent mechanical characteristics and low thermal conductivity.
  • The insulators are coated with a surface treatment based on fluorinated polymers, which ensures extremely high resistance to chemical agents and ease of cleaning.
  • The regulation of the temperature is performed using thermo-regulators with PID micro-processor and with 0.1°C resolution.
  • Independent temperature control units ensure sophisticate temperature control and easy replacement in case of failure.
  • Electrical heating resistances have been specifically designed for this instrument to ensure quick and efficient heating.
  • The Interface torque transducer is positioned in the upper test chamber to minimiz the influence of friction and vibrations.
  • The kinematic for the oscillatory movement of the lower test chamber has been developed to ensure perfect operation of the instrument under heavy operating conditions and for extremely lengthy periods:
    • Siemens motor
    • SKF bearings
    •  Calibrated gauges are supplied together with the instrument to easily set the oscillation angle to 0.5° or 1,0°

Treatment for customers who already have an active quotation for the previous version of MD Rheometer:

  • The instrument in the previous version will be produced in the next 6 months to fulfil the orders based on the previous version of the instrument.
  • Considering that the price of the previous version is slightly lower than the new one, you will have the possibility to fulfil the quotations transmitted or to upgrade the quotation to the new version according to the desire of the customers.
  • Please also note that the price for the automatic sample loader is lower than before. This has been done to promote the sell for this useful tool even considering that the new software improves the ease of use of the sample loader.

Additional Information:

  • The instrument is equipped with a large touch-screen display with dimensions 10.2″.
  • The buttons on the display permit to start and stop the tests.
  • The display provides complete information about the status of the instrument:
    • connection to the software
    • temperature of the dies
    • diagnostic of the sensors installed
  • A light panel, installed in the front part of the instrument, changes the color and permits to check the status of the instrument from a distance.
  • The instrument can be optionally equipped with a pressure sensor for the testing of the expansion evolution of the sample during the curing.
  • The calibration of the instrument is performed in conformity with the requirements of international standards.
  • The calibration report includes the final check made with our standard rubber.

Warranty Conditions:

  • The new instrument is supplied with 3 years warranty. The warranty is valid in case the customer purchase a maintenance contract to ensure the correct maintenance of the instrument during warranty period.


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