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How to choose polymer-resin and machine supplier with mechanical and chemical skills to insulate efficiently and increase the quality of electrical & electronic components?

How to choose the right supplier to insulate your electrical and electronic components?

In choosing a partner for the supply of resins and machine to realize the resin encapsulation of your components there are many aspects to consider.

First of all, the most important factor in these processes, in order to increase efficiency and quality, it is the complete integration between the machine and the resin used.

Each resin is designed and created to make the best of it under particular conditions: the most efficient way to use it is therefore to use a machine that has been designed to treat it in the best way. The use of a non-optimized machinery for a particular resin contributes to the generation of waste of materials or energy, and consequently economic resources.

The best choice is therefore to contact a supplier who develops both machines and resins in an integrated manner: so you will be able to rely entirely on a single partner who can both mechanically and chemically advise you, without having to independently study the properties of each resin in relation to your own products.

Other aspects to consider include the supplier’s overall reliability. Since it is sometimes very complex, it is recommended to rely on a well-established supplier, who is able to support the customer also with after-sales service. The search for spare parts or qualified personnel for the installation and maintenance of the equipment can in fact requires valuable resources in terms of time and money.

Choosing a partner with both mechanical and chemical skills allows you to be followed at all stages of the choice and purchase process, up to the next generation of production and assistance: relying on a supplier that can guide you in choosing the best and most relevant solution to your own needs is the key to good and fruitful collaboration.

 Important Components Information

If you have chosen your supplier correctly, at the time of contact you will be asked for information about the product that needs to be potted. The purchasing process starts with the in-depth knowledge of the application, in order to find the most suitable solution for the production process in question.

You can prepare for the first meeting by recording this data for your production line:

  • The type of product that interests encapsulate, and its models
  • Relative 3 dimensions (Length, Width, Height)
  • Weight in particular if the component is large)
  • Number of pieces to be produced over the various time intervals (year / month / day)
  • depending on the work shift
  • Resin quantity assumed to be inserted (when available)
  • Any resin technical data that is already being used

The importance of customization to ensure a complete but, above all, effective process:

As already pointed out, addressing to a partner with both mechanical and chemical skills is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your production processes and helps you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Facing a panorama offered by most companies that include a range of machines and resins already defined to choose from, there is also the possibility of customized solutions to meet the specific needs of some production lines.

The importance attached to customization is the added value that can make a difference between a supplier and others: it is advisable to turn to figures able to thoroughly analyze the data provided by the customer and to process and propose an ad- hoc configuration, seeking partnerships based on listening to needs and joint research of solutions.

This is the key to deliver truly efficient and quality processes.

efficient and quality processes

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