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Europlasma and CPI partnership with PU Consulting AB

Europlasma and Coating Plasma Innovation, from Plasmalex Group, announces partnership with PU Consulting AB


Europlasma and CPI are proud to announce further expansion of their Global Sales support after
signing an Agency agreement with PU Consulting. PU Consulting will be our direct Sales contacts for
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Greenland. We are
pleased of this agreement since PU consulting have experienced plasma technology since many

PU Consulting AB CEO and Founder Ulf Perell says: We are happy to announce this new partnership
agreement with Europlasma and Coating Plasma Innovation. We believe our customers will benefit
of those plasma technologies. Those are the best plasma solutions available on the market today
designed for the most demanding markets around the world.

About Europlasma:

For more than 25 Years, Europlasma has been a global technology leader in innovative nano-
coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology, for which it develops proprietary
processes, designs and builds turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and supplies process
Europlasma has been able to optimize this process to an industrial scale, unmatched in the
industry. Europlasma manufactures a wide range of production machines, with plasma chambers
from 50 to 2000 liters. Great uniformity is combined with the shortest cycle times in the industry
and the machines can be flexibly integrated into the production process. Europlasma also offers a
unique line of roll-to-roll coaters for handling flexible circuitry, membranes, fabrics and
nonwovens. Europlasma also offers the words only Production proven Halogen Free coatings

About CPI:

Created in 2001, we are a pioneering company in atmospheric cold plasma surface
treatment. Located in the south of France, we are offering complete plasma turnkey
solutions; from recipe definition to equipment production and installation in your facility​.
Thanks to our 5 treatment lines we are also able to run toll converting for our customers.
Our technology reduce CO 2 emissions compare to conventional coating solutions and does
not alter substrates recyclability.

Our Bluemach 2000 (2 Meters wide) reactor, operating in a cleanroom, is the only AP-PACVD
available today for industrial scale productions.
Our plasmas solutions are offering surface cleaning, long-lasting surface tension
modifications, molecular grafting to promote adhesion, Silicon free release treatment…

About PU Consulting AB:

Since 2011 PU Consulting AB has helped customers with distribution, consulting and new
development throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company conducts technology
development in materials, process and design. With more than 30 years of experience regarding new
development and specialty distribution PU Consulting AB is a trusted and experience partner for
many companies throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries.

PU Consulting AB is the hub of a leading network for industrial renewal and sustainable
development. With a national and international presence, our network is a central part of our
partners, global success. By interacting with academics and several industries, the operations of PU
Consulting AB and partners help customers to get competitive advantages.


LINK to Europlasma 

LINK to CPI – Coating Plasma Innovation


Contact Ulf Perell, PU Consultign AB for more information and to discuss your needs

ulf.perell@puconsulting.se  or  +46 722344202