A watertreatment patented automatic distiller, Genius model

A watertreatment patented automatic distiller – Genius model

Watertreatment patented automatic distiller, Genius-model.

with new patenteted, automatic, no chemicals and 100% electric induction heating for the Metal, Industrial Painting, Printing and Industrial washing industry among others. Combine with our washing equipments for less water consumption or solvent destillers. Call me for more info +46 722 344 202 // Ulf CEO PU Consulting AB

PU Consulting and LMG Green offers green Watertreatment patented automatic distiller using induction heating

PU Consulting together with LMG Green can now offer a green wastewater treatment plant for the Metal, Industrial painting,Printing and washing industry.It reduces the cutting- and washing fluids residues by boiling away the toxic waste with their new patented water-based distillation method using induction heating, which can disinfect and separate the polluted water. The disinfection allows you to break down all organic principles including bacteria and the separation allows to eliminate all the hydrocarbons. This cheap wastewater recycling method is an automated process without extra costs for Your company for disposal of the remaining residue after the induction heating process. Your company saves labor costs for administration of process residues, environment handling cost and purchase and handling cost of chemicals. With the use of this water treatment plant the time of handling of washing fluids, water-based paints and inks for the front-end workers will be reduced and as no chemicals are used in this plant the work environment for the front-end workers will be improved.

The plant is a cheap treatment of wastewater for Metal, Industrial painting and Printing industry, Industrial washing and can be used for:

Metal industry -cutting fluids

Industrial painting industry – water-based paints, washing fluids

Printing industry – water-based inks, washing fluids

Industrial washing industry – washing fluids

There are several advantages to this Watertreatment patented automatic distiller , Genius model.

  • Your company does not need to apply a chemical to reduce the toxicity in the fluid. This makes the handling of this wastewater residue process easier for the front-end workers.
  • Your company saves production time as the induction heating process of the wastewater residue of cutting, washing and process fluids are not as labor intensive as other processes involving chemicals are.
  • Your company reduce the costs for the purchase of chemicals to handle toxic wastewater
  • Your company also reduces the cost of handling the toxic waste after the heating process as You will be able to handle the residue after the induction heating process as a non-toxic waste.
  • Your staff does not need to handle extra chemicals and Your company saves money also from not having to store extra chemicals for Your production wastewater treatment process.
  • Your company gets a green handling of Your wastewater treatment process which helps Your company to attain Your company`s environmental goals.

The production plant that we are offering is available in different sizes (120,300 and 500 liters) and is available in a version that can also handle dissolvents.

This new system makes it possible for Your company to get wastewater with low COD (chemical oxygen demand lab test) and BOD (biochemical oxygen demand lab test) values. This means Your company´s wastewater after this heating process can be disposed of in the sewer network or disposed of without cost.
The purity of this wastewater also means that it can be reused in Your company’s production process.

Now PU Consulting and LMG Green can offer You to try out this Patented new cheap way of handling wastewater remains from cutting, washing and process fluids in a cheap and easy way:

Offer #1 Genius offer includes:

1) Together with You we can perform a return on investment (ROI) calculation on how this solution can save money for Your company and reduce the handling time for wastewater handling and ease the work process for Your workers.

2) Make a test run of 20-liter wastewater to be tested at LMG Greens plant in Modena, which gives You a result which You can get analyzed locally where You are to convince You of the amazing easy end user handling of the wastewater handling for Your company. The end user result is clean enough to be disposed of in Your local sewer.

Offer #2  with PUspec 24/7 – latest collaboration tools  we can from a distance look at your process today. We reply with a report after the meeting with suggestions.

Contact us for a distance meeting regarding Watertreatment patented automatic distiller,  Genius model

at any time at Ulf.Perell@puconsulting.se

or phone +46 (0) 722 344 202.


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