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Extrusion lines plastics Nordic&Baltic

ICMA SAN GIORGIO is celebrating its 75th anniversary

Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Baltic

ICMA builds an impressive turn-key plant for biopolymer compounds

SIAM I and PU Consulting AB Partnership


Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri Partnership, EuropeanPlasticProductManufacturer


Compounding TPE, Extrusion for Pharma, Extrusion Plastic, Direct Extruder in Nordic&Baltic, TPE foil, compounding, medical, extrusion for pharma, Plastic, mixing TPE, plast

ICMA develops a turn-key direct extrusion line for Pharma application. The new line mixes several types of TPE recipes and extrude foil for Pharma applications

Compounding TPE, Extrusion for Pharma, Extrusion Plastic, Direct Extruder in Nordic&Baltic, TPE foil

safety data sheet software, SDS, software, SDS, Safety data sheet authoring software

Safety data sheet authoring software – Regulations of each country – Create your Safety Data Sheets automatically, complying with regulations of each country.

Engineering Elastomers TECNOTHANE VTER New Development, Elastomer components system

Engineering Elastomers TECNOTHANE VTER New Development

Smart Glasses -Augmented reality - Remote maintenance - job training Industrial Förstärkt verklighet – Fjärrunderhåll – Smart glasögon – Jobbutbildning – Industriell

Smart Glasses Sweden – PU Consulting AB is taking smart glasses into the workplace. Working with consultants’ smart glasses such as F4 makes remote assistance, more accurate on-the-spot advice and problem resolution much faster and easier. In the long run greener and cheaper, with less travels to customers and clients.  Augmented reality – Remote maintenance – Smart Glasses – Job training – Industrial.

Anders Åberg, Consultant, Polymer material, Injection moulding, Plastic Welding Konsult PU Consulting AB

Anders Aberg PU Consulting’s expert consultant in polymer materials, injection molding and plastic welding. Engineering plastics in the automotive industry and comparative productions in China and India, verifying strong and green polymer products and processes.

dry cleaning machines, solvents, finishing machines, textile, washing

Dry cleaning machines including finishing & laundry machinery. With a complete turn-key cycle for laundry and/or dry cleaning. This is the next step in PU Consulting AB Textile and Leather new developments of strong and green products. With our new partner, we have the possibility to test new developments with the latest green washing processes on the market.