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ICMA builds an impressive turn-key plant for biopolymer compounds


ICMA builds an impressive turn-key plant for biopolymer compounds 

An impressive Biopolymer compounding plant engineered and built by ICMA in its new facility plant#3 for an important customer. Biopolymer compounding is one of  the new frontier for a sustainable world and ICMA’s competence and manufacturing capabilties for a turn-key system is unique option. Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Baltic


ICMA SAN GIORGIO, the well-known Milan based manufacturer of compounding and extrusion systems, has just successfully put in production a complex engineered compounding plant to a large processor of biodegradable products, specifically shopping bags or agricultural mulch.

Scope of the project was the realization of a turnkey line designed to produce, starting from biomaterials available on the market and feedstock of natural origin, a biodegradable compound suitable for the application and with a competitive price.

ICMA’s supply was in the form of “turn-key” project, from the loading systems of the different components to the packing of the final product.

The loss-in-weight gravimetric feeding system has been engineered for several components, inclusive of proper units for hard flowing powder metering and pre-heated liquids. ICMA co-rotating extruder is a 112 mm screw diameter and it is equipped with a side feeding unit, hot liquid injection nozzle and vent stuffer to achieve 1.5 tons/h capacity. The screw designed, that combines high-performance mixing with low energy intake, is specifically tuned for such heat sensitive materials. The cutting unit selected is an under-water system, allowing a really consistent and accurate quality and a fully automated production. Pre-storage silos complete the line with a gentle mixing system as well as a packaging system into big-bags. Finally, an advanced control panel integrates all systems and it releases complete production reports available through company ERP / MES network even from remote channels via dedicated line expressly created by ICMA for remote assistance.

“Biopolymer compounding is one of the new and most interesting frontier of the circular economy. ICMA enjoys several years of successful experience in this process application and therefor represents a very interesting supplier for companies already active in this market space or companies eager to enter it” commented Giorgio Colombo, CEO of ICMA.


ICMA San Giorgio is a leading European manufacturer of Compounding & Extrusion Systems. Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Baltic

For more than 50 years of R&D, manufacturing and process experience, ICMA has been a leading provider of compounding and extrusion systems for a variety of industries. Customers depend on ICMA for hiqh-quality, state-of-the art solutions backed by training, technical support and a high level of customer service.

ICMA San Giorgio Quality stems from a synthesis of these five points:
1. Technology and market EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE
2. Constant DEVELOPMENT of applied technology and KNOW HOW Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Baltic
3. Strategic CHOICE of materials and components
4. Internal MANUFACTURING of the main components
5. Systematic CONTROL of the materials and components quality

To help customers maximize their investment, we conduct training seminars on co-rotating technology. Our seminars extend beyond basic operations to processing knowledge that can make a difference in a competitive marketplace.

Customer Support:
Our goal is to keep customers operating at peak efficiency. Our service team operates our HELP DESK 16 hours/day. We offer a deep inventory of the most important extruder parts for rapid, “off the shelf” delivery. We provide in-house support and manufacturing capability for screws elements, barrels sections and other important mechanical components to help guarantee quality control. Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Baltic

R&D / Lab Support:
Our experienced laboratory personnel and versatile equipment help customers solve a variety of research and development challenges, including both pilot- and pre-production testing.

Biopolymer compounds Plant Nordic&Balti


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