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Dry cleaning machines including finishing & laundry machinery. With a complete turn-key cycle for laundry and/or dry cleaning. This is the next step in PU Consulting AB Textile and Leather new developments of strong and green products. With our new partner, we have the possibility to test new developments with the latest green washing processes on the market.

We can test with the best production range from a small 8 kg load capacity to 90 kg loading door. For various industries, our partner offers slim or large versions. Compact in modular line and fully equipped with the strongest world Standards requirement as TUV and 2BimSchV in many advanced countries. dry cleaning machines solvents finishing machines washing textile

We can also test with operational machines with many kinds of solvents besides Perchlorethylene as ClorydeMethylene, different kinds of Hydrocarbons, K4, Silicone, Green Earth, Rynex, Hi-glo, Intense & Sensene. While using special applications, PU Consulting AB offers special requirements together with the dry cleaning business. For instance lines for tannery and furs or leather, textile or production, knitting and silk manufactures and much more. dry cleaning machinesfinishing machines

Our new partner is offering modern services in various fields like laundry, hospitals, disinfections, washing centers, shoes, metal cleaning and industrial working clothes, technical clothes, gloves, textile, wool, fiber treatments, hotels, tanneries, industrial finishing and much more. fdry cleaning machinesinishing machines

We now have the best advanced technology with the innovative series LP and SP, that guarantees absolute quality of washing while having the maximum respect and care for the environment and health. The newly designed models are suitable for small utilities and traditional cleaners with maximum energy, solvent savings, water, flexibility of use and continuous distillation for the perfect clean quality results!finishing machines

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