Bright Materials s.r.l.

Bright Materials, specialized in industrial photoluminescent applications, with decennial experience in the field. The attention that we reserve in the specific needs of clients and the study of the market, have led to a constant evolution of products with photoluminescent effect…


New technologies, combined with the important management know-how have allowed the expansion of the existing range and commitment to the semimanufactures production of high quality in various sectorial fields.


Photoluminescence is a source of clean and renewable energy. It is harmless to the environment and to human beings. You “recharge” with any natural or artificial light source. It retains its characteristics for several decades. Water, fire, chemical and mechanical shocks do not compromise its effectiveness. You can make photoluminescent objects of any material, shape and size.

Bright Materials DIVISION

All photoluminescent products are studied and made to measure, are customizable and can be accessed. For example, you can choose the color and the characteristics of the particle sizes, the formats necessary for a specific use in the processing or production cycle.
Our Research and Development department collaborates and interacts with important professionals, production companies and work groups allowing the continuous improvement of photoluminescent products and services offered.



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