ICMA San Giorgio

ICMA SAN GIORGIO, founded in 1945 and part of an industrial Group with more than 100 years of history,  is a well established Italian manufacturer of co-rotating extruders and  turn-key compounding and extrusion lines for a broad range of applications in industries  such as plastic & rubber, recycling, biopolimers, pharma, masterbatch, natural fiber composites, chemicals & petrochemicals and food…


With 10.000 sq mt facility made by workshops, laboratory and assembly areas, ICMA provides customer and partners with a solid and very modern industrial platform. Its egineering capabilities also deliver customized solutions and plants at the highest level of technology and performance. ICMA is a company where people listen and react quickly and where things happen in a  Win-Win model.
ICMA’s lines, typicall based on co-rotating extruders or in combination with single extruders, are unique for process design,  material and steel selection, construction protocols and precise machining and assembly.

ICMA is a “Seal of Excelence” company from the European Community and a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

ICMA San Giorgio Quality stems from a synthesis of these five points:
1. Technology and market EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE
2. Constant DEVELOPMENT of applied technology and KNOW HOW
3. Strategic CHOICE of materials and components
4. Internal MANUFACTURING of the main components
5. Systematic CONTROL of the materials and components quality

To help customers maximize their investment, we conduct training seminars on co-rotating technology. Our seminars extend beyond basic operations to processing knowledge that can make a difference in a competitive marketplace.

Customer Support:
Our goal is to keep customers operating at peak efficiency. Our service team operates our HELP DESK 16 hours/day. We offer a deep inventory of the most important extruder parts for rapid, “off the shelf” delivery. We provide in-house support and manufacturing capability for screws elements, barrels sections and other important mechanical components to help guarantee quality control.

R&D / Lab Support:
Our experienced laboratory personnel and versatile equipment help customers solve a variety of research and development challenges, including both pilot- and pre-production testing.



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