Nordichem Europe

With its headquarters in Latvia, Nordichem Europe is a fast growing company supplying a wide range of Innovative Mould Release Agents for the Automotive, Footwear, Furniture, Rubber, FRP/Composite and Plastic industries throughout the world…


Company’s goal is to meet the requirements and expectations of each customer in a range of industrial sectors. We exploit our experience and knowledge to provide a tailored approach to your production processes.

Contact us for state-of-the-art, high quality and environmentally friendly Mould Release Agents.


We currently provide mould release agents for many complex materials in high demand applications.

Nordichem’s water-based products known under the PUREO2 name proved to bring superior value and performance.

Nordichem provides mould release agents for polyurethane, rubber, composite, and plastic molding applications in a variety of industries. Our mould release agents are known for application ease, minimal build-up, higher productivity, and lower reject rates.

Nordichem provides in-field technical support in order to serve customers of our mould release agents effectively. The expertise of our Sales engineers and Technical Department is here to help as well. Additionally we carry a full line of application equipments to support your mould release agents testing.






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