Studio Legale Associato Marzi 

Studio Legale Associato Marzi – Erna Fütö, LL.M. Is a Swedish lawyer in Italy with an office in Rome…


She is originally from Helsingborg, but has studied in Germany and awarded her juristic degree (1st Lawyer’s State Examination) 2001 and law degree (Second Degree of State Law) 2005.

Then she specialized in European Law, LL.M.) and Practiced a period at the European Commission. She has previously worked as a lawyer in Milan, where she acted as a counselor for foreign companies. Since 2016, Erna is working at the law firm Studio Legale Associato Marzi in Rome, with mainly German and Swedish clients.
Erna has several years of experience in the following legal areas: international trade law, contract law, EU law (including food law), company law, international private law, c.

In addition, she is active in the law firm Marzis special areas, ie. Property law, international family and inheritance law (international custody disputes, unlawful abduction of children under the Hague Convention), alternative dispute resolution, collection and enforcement of foreign judgments.

The law firm Marzi offers legal and legal advice in Swedish regarding Italian law, both customers and colleagues operating in Sweden.
Language: Swedish, German, Hungarian, English, Italian.
Membership: The Court of Law in Munich (since 2008).