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Europlasma and CPI partnership with PU Consulting AB

Europlasma and Coating Plasma Innovation, from Plasmalex Group, announces partnership with PU Consulting AB   Europlasma and CPI are proud to announce further expansion of their Global Sales support after signing an Agency agreement with PU Consulting. PU Consulting will be our direct Sales contacts for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and […]

Printing industries increasing cost of raw materials – Perfect time for AniCAM !

Printing industries increasing cost of raw materials. Perfect time for AniCAM to save ready waste, make reduction in ink waste and increasing productivity! The past 18 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone with travel restrictions and the inability to visit customers worldwide. But with the relaxing of travel rules in the UK we are […]

Industrial Ventilated Ovens, CDTM could be the key to your success. There are numerous industrial ovens to choose between eg. for post-curing. Also, there are a few decisions to be made. Do you want a static oven with process gases still in the oven or do you prefer a ventilated oven? What is the deal with the automatic stop? How does the door opening at overpressure works?

What options do you have to work with monitoring software? How can you document the process temperature and time in the oven?

Test your purchased parts or your produced material with laboratory instruments for rubber, polyurethane, elastomer and plastic testing.


We have the Network of Knowledge to help you with High Risk Decision!

Recycling and new EU environmental goals