Recycling and new EU environmental goals

Recycling and new EU environmental goals

On January 16, Recycling and new EU environmental goals was presented “Plastic in the sea”. Among the environmental goals, recycling is in focus, see the press release.

  • All plastic packaging on EU markets will be recycled in 2030.
  • New packaging rules will make it profitable to recycle plastic.

Only 30% of all plastic waste is collected. Half of the collected plastic has previously been exported to countries where recycling is cheaper, mainly China. China has announced restricted imports of plastic waste. This means that the EU needs to find other ways to handle the plastic waste.

Garbage often ends up in the ocean because it is the largest surface on earth. Nature can not break down and dispose of plastic. Instead, it crumbles and becomes micro plastics that damage the environment and wildlife.

Recycling and new EU environmental goals are needed. Over a million birds and mammals die every year after getting stuck in or eating plastic found in the ocean. The plastic is also a health hazard to humans because researchers have found microplastic in fish that we eat.

Microplastics are plastic particles that are less than five millimeters. Even though the particles are broken down to smaller pieces, they do not completely disappear. In addition to damaging aquatic organisms, the particles bind environmental pollutants into food from the ocean.


Contribute to the solution

PU Consulting has worked with polymer materials and processes as well as benefits of strong and green materials for over 25 years. Our consultants have many years of experience in materials and processes from our selected suppliers. Together, our network has the ability to optimize existing facilities or join in and start up brand new facilities

  • Material and process of new packaging.
  • Waste disposal in Europe.
  • Recycling of polymeric materials.
  • Testing and evaluating the quality of the final patch. In order to be able to use the material for new products, the quality must be specified.

Do you need input on how to contribute to the EU’s new environmental goals? Contact us for a discussion.


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