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Safety data sheet authoring software – Regulations of each country – Create your Safety Data Sheets automatically, complying with regulations of each country.

Plasma Surface Treatment machine – 90% reduction of water consumption, a 70% reduction in the use of chemicals and a 60% reduction of energy use. All this has one common denominator: zero toxic discharge. Plastic film, sustainable, permanent corona, cotton and wool, ODOUR ABATEMENT

Smart Glasses Sweden – PU Consulting AB is taking smart glasses into the workplace. Working with consultants’ smart glasses such as F4 makes remote assistance, more accurate on-the-spot advice and problem resolution much faster and easier. In the long run greener and cheaper, with less travels to customers and clients.  Augmented reality – Remote maintenance – Smart Glasses – Job training – Industrial.

Sustainability demands requires asking ourselves questions. For instance if we can use the same amount and type of solvent forever. With the right recycler and effective cleaning the industry reclaims up to 80% of used solvents (including water) to obtain virgin solvent quality and minimum waste.