High Pressure Foaming Machine with press for sale

High Pressure Foaming Machine with press for Sale

Foaming Machine – Pressure – Sales

ECOPLUS SERIES OMS Group has designed and manufactures a new ECOPlus series of high pressure foaming machines, paying particular attention to the compact design of this machine by proposing a simple, user friendly setting of machine parameters to simplify the introduction to high pressure technology. This ultimate version of high pressure unit has been created to meet the particular, environmentally friendly performance and budget targets most commonly required by urethane processors wishing to benefit from a simple to use, reliable and well-specified machine. The OMS ECOPlus series of high pressure units, working at 1:1 or 2:1 basic ratio infinitely variable by inverter with min/max output ranging from 6 l/min to 180 l/min, can be used for virtually all types of polyurethanes production.

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ECOPlus 100 High Pressure Foaming Machine


Impianti OMS Group

Year-Delivered 2014 and started up Feb 2015 and in use until March 2016
Condition –Machine is dissconnected. Can not be seen in production.

Location – Sweden

General Details – Complete production for garage doors or perfect

Terms and Conditions – EXW

Delivery Time – immediately

Payment method –To be agreed

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Laboratory instruments for rubber, polyurethane and plastic testing

Laboratory Instruments for rubber, polyurethane, elastomer and plastic testing.

Gibitre Instruments has made an agreement with PU Consulting to distribute the Gibitre Laboratory Instruments in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Gibitre Instruments was founded in 1979. The company was dealing with a wide range of activities in the rubber industry. This include compounding, moulding as well as control instruments production. In 2001 Gibitre Instruments became a separate company.

 Gibitre Instruments – Laboratory instruments for test:

  • during the development to document a modification in the recipe or process.
  • production quality control   
  • on parts bought from outside – quality check – vs. purchasing specification.

Products Overview – Gibitre Instruments

On our homepage you will find the instruments diveded into segments. In addition within each segment you find the equipment and standard.  Also use the link to the pdf to open up the detailed information.   Link to Products Overviw.

You can also look into Gibitre Instruments’ – Product List


The aim of Gibitre Instruments S.r.l. is the development, production and marketing on world scale. The offer is a wide range of instruments for laboratory rubber and plastic testing. The company provides maintenance and calibration after-sell services for the complete range of instruments produced.


The goal is to improve the position of recognized technological partner for all issues related with control of rubber and polymers.

Development of products

Gibitre Instruments continuously develops new instruments in conformity with international standards. Moreover, updates are made of existing products to meet the new needs of the customers.


Gibitre Industries is situated 1o min or 5 km from the airport. There are very good connections by flight from Copenhagen to Milano-Bergamo airport.

You can send your product or drawing and we will suggets the methods to use.

Also bring your samples with you to Bergamo. We will then together prepare the best test to complete your specification. In addition,  you get a training on your instruments and learn how the equipment works.

Welcome to visit Gibitre Industries in BERGAMO


Combine you visit with ovens

Combine you visit and look at our ovens from SERMAC srl … read more

Recycling and new EU environmental goals – Plastic in the sea

On January 16, Recycling and new EU environmental goals was presented “Plastic in the sea”. Among the environmental goals, recycling is in focus, see the press release.

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Polyurethane Elastomers consultant with more than 30 years in the field.

We are happy to welcome Nils-Erik Johansson to work with PU Consulting AB. Read more

PU Consulting exhibit at the Mining and Industry fair in Kiruna, 8-9 November 2017

Collaboration with PU Consulting contributes to reduced maintenance and increased productivity. You get a strong and green production. Read more

New location at Hinton North Course in Kvarnby 

We are happy to annouce that we have opened an office at the beautiful golf course Hinton North Course in Kvarnby. The location is very good with close access to the highway as well a nice atmosphere and delicious lunch restaurant.

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ICMA Compounding & Extrusion System from K 2016 to Plastic Nordic 2017

 ICMA San Giorgio Compounding & Extrusion Systems from the No 1 Plastic and Rubber Fair, K 2016, Düsseldorf Germany to Plastic Nordic 2017 , Malmö Sweden.

Ulf Perell CEO PU Consulting AB work with suppliers on the K 2016 in Düsseldorf .  Our experience and knowledge in material and machines is to optimize and offer solutions to produce STRONG and GREEN product. In the K 2016 Extruder area we discuss with ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems Ulf have long experience with and developed new materials with in Europe during 25 years. During the discussion we found  out that we have now the possibility to take ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems to the Nordic Countries together with PU Consulting AB.

ICMA San Giorgio a known, privately owned company in the south and middle part of Europe have increased their capacity and together with situations outside Europe ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems have now the space for the Nordic market.

 ICMA – leading European manufacturer of Compounding & Extrusion Systems

For the Nordic Market ICMA Compounding & Extrusion Systems is unknown but after the first introduction meeting during Plastic Nordic May 2017 , Malmö Sweden potential customers have now information regarding our knowledge in machine – material and the benefits PU Consulting AB and ICMA San Giorgio can offer.

New meetings was booked during the fair for a follow up meetings the day after so we had to cancel the planning and marketing meeting and visit customers which is off-course not a problem for two flexible companies.

PU Consulting AB and ICMA San Giorgio will be in the Nordic again week 36 , 5-8 September for new meeting,  presentations and educations.

If you are interested send a mail or call and we will try to organize a meeting with you during week 36 or later.

Read more about ICMA San Giorgio Compounding & Extrusion Systems http://www.puconsulting.se/product/compounding-extrusion-systems/

Impianti OMS at PSE Europe , Polyurethane Solution Expo Europe , 27-29 June 2017 , Munich Germany



Visit PU Consulting AB with our partner  Impianti OMS Spa

Hall 3 – Stand 625

Impianti OMS production range covers both high and low pressure machines, hydraulic presses, standard and specially designed turn-key plants for all various applications (domestic and industrial white appliances, continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel lines, foam block plants, automotive, filters, elastomers, TPU and miscellaneous) and is able to satisfy the several and different requirements and needs of both customers and markets.
Impianti OMS high tech computerized equipment ensures that all “critical” components are produced to the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and quality




Contact PU Consulting  if you from the Nordic countries will visit PSE Europe and we will organize a meeting.

GRINP Srl – speaker – European Digital Textile Conference

European Digital Textile Conference  2017 . Fankfurt , Gemany , May 10, 2017


Plasma pre-treatment systems for digital textile printing
Chiara Pavan, R&D Project Manager, GRINP S.r.l.

Pretreatments (washing and preparation) are required both for digital and traditional printing on textiles to provide adequate performances. However, these processes use vast amounts of water, chemicals and energy, resources that the textile sector aims to save in the first place. PLAtex machine, based on GRINP plasma technology, can replace wet pretreatments for cellulose and polyester fabrics with a 100% dry process, using 99% less chemicals, with zero toxic discharge, and 90% less energy.




GRINP Plasma

GRINP is an Italian company founded in Turin in 2005.

Leader in atmospheric plasma technology thanks to qualification in designing and manufacturing resource-efficient systems based on proprietary plasma technology:  GRINP develop both laboratory and industrial scale machinery.

GRINP Plasma Technology unlocks the development of sustainable processes in several fields:

  •  textiles, reducing water and chemicals consumption
  •  environmental, decontaminating polluted air and water
  •  plastics, enhancing surface properties for automotive, packaging, flexible electronics and photovoltaic applications

Ongoing R&D&I efforts to offer disruptive solutions that cater to customer needs are based on three key concepts: innovation, performance, sustainability.



GRINP develop high quality laboratory and industrial machinery for sustainable processes in several fields.



GRINP offer personalized solutions adapting  GRINP  technologies to any need or developing ad hoc systems.



GRINP machines contain GRINP  know how, the result of several years of research and continuous R&D&I efforts.



GRINP Plasma Technology allows the reduction of water, chemicals and energy ensuring high performances.

Contact PU Consulting for more information.