Exhibition – PLAST 2018

Plast 2018



ICMA Team is waiting for you to present its latest novelties

HP-torque co-rotating EXTRUDER for ADVANCED COMPOUNDING – New

Plast 2018- We will exhibit a 40 HP-torque extruder (HP-t) characterized by an increased torque capability up to 18 Nm/cm3 and a nominal D/d ratio of 1.55. With this new family of extruders ICMA completes its range of extruders in terms of power, volume and working speed, and is therefore able to propose the most technically suitable solution according to the required formulation. In particular, this HP-t family is designed for processes requiring high specific energy like many techno polymers, thus allowing increasing productivity (kg/h) and quality of the final product.

The extruder on display is also equipped with the innovative I-Smart solution developed by ICMA, with sensors that enables preventive diagnostics in line with industry 4.0 philosophy with the final objective to maximize efficiency at machine and factory level.

The HP-t family of extruders combines power and intelligence representing the most advanced frontier in the field of advanced compounding.

HT co-rotating EXTRUDER for ADVANCED RECYCLING of “light” foil flakes like film and foils with low bulk density – New

This extruder incorporates innovative solutions to process waste materials with low bulk density. This extruder displays innovative technical features that are inspired by our most advanced compounding lines and is therefore unique in its kind compared to similar extruders available in the market.

The proposed extruder represents one of the many solutions made available by ICMA in recycling and biopolymers to face with success the challenges posed by the circular economy. 

DIRECT EXTRUSION SYSTEMS with co-rotating twin screw – New

Sole supplier – with no compromise – for systems specifically designed for extruding blends and obtaining, starting also from raw materials, coextruded sheets or foils by means of calenders of our own design and construction.

Super-efficient systems, suitable for technical products aimed at quality and production yields.

Contact to know more: marketing@icmasg.it

PU Consulting AB – ICMA San Giorgio

MAGMA Macchine at UTECH 2018


Magma Macchine Italy

Visit PU Consulting AB with our partner Magma Macchine

29 – 31 MAY 2018

Magma Macchine designs, manufactures, installs plants and machinery to mix polyurethane and bicomponent resins in general. Starting from the analysis of the customer’s requirements, we develop and manufacture plants and machinery suitable for the customer’s needs. Moreover, Magma provides for technical assistance quickly and economically thanks to the knowledge as direct applicators of insulating foams and to the plant rationality adopted.

Magma is a factory specialized in the production of machinery and plant for the application of polyurethane, epoxy, phenolic, silicon resins, etc. To this activity, it adds the direct experience in the spraying at end that supply the know-how necessary to the design mindful of the requirements and possible problems of the final user.

Design- Considering the customer requirements, it studies and realizes customized equipment following the production and use requests paying particular attention to the dimensions, overall dimensions and handling.

Spraying at your- Thanks to the mobile equipment of its own design, Magma is able to directly carry out all the applications by spraying, casting, injection both of rigid foam both of special bicomponents (polyurea, elastomers, compacts). This is an activity necessary to test on field technical solutions that are transferred on the proposed products.

Assistance- In order to assure the correct product working, at the delivery it arrange to directly teach the personnel involved in the equipment use. It supplies assistance both by phone and by direct intervention at customer premises; in case of maintenance, the supply of spare parts occurs in order to limit at maximum the customer inconveniences due to machine stop and relevant costs.

Magma Macchine

Impianti OMS at UTECH 2018


Visit PU Consulting AB with our partner Impianti OMS Spa

29 – 31 MAY 2018

Impianti OMS production range covers both high and low pressure machines, hydraulic presses, standard and specially designed turn-key plants for all various applications (domestic and industrial white appliances, continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel lines, foam block plants, automotive, filters, elastomers, TPU and miscellaneous) and is able to satisfy the several and different requirements and needs of both customers and markets.
Impianti OMS high tech computerized equipment ensures that all “critical” components are produced to the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and quality. www.omsgroup.it

IMPIANTI OMS SPA                          IMPIANTI OMS SPA

Impianti OMS was founded in the late 60’s during the expansion of the polyurethane foam industry. Its aims were to manufacture continuous production lines for flexible polyurethane foam block together with dispensing machines of two or more components for moulding flexible and rigid PU foam of various densities. In more than 40 years Impianti OMS has now reached a leading position in its market sector.

Impianti OMS is now a principal European Company ranking amongst the leading world manufacturers of polyurethane processing machinery and integrated manufacturing plants and is an industry standard for anyone wishing to come into contact within this particular sector of activity.Impianti OMS has been developing since the start of its activity and now covers a total factory area of 18,000 sqm with a total work-force of more than 140 employees, achieving a high percentage of exports as part of its annual turnover (80%).

Impianti OMS has always paid particular attention to environmental issues, technical innovation, cost effective solutions, product quality and quality control standards.

Impianti OMS is member of the Hennecke Group, which consists of ten separate companies located in the world’s most important economic hubs and markets (www.hennecke.com).

More info:www.puconsulting.se/impianti-oms

Exhibition – PLAST 2018

MATEX – Exhibition – PLAST 2018

Matex will participate to the Plast 2018 exhibition, which will take place in Milan from the 29-05-18 till the 01-06-18.

We will be glad to see you to present our best solutions and latest news about our production, taking the opportunity to celebrate our 45th anniversary.

HALL 11 – STAND B126

For further information and to take an appointment, please contact: reception@matex.it

PU Consulting GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation – 25 May 2018

GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation


Dear Customer,

The purpose of the GDPR (General data protection regulation) is to protect private individuals personal data.

The regulation is mandatory by law for all companies from May 25th.

As a customer of PU Consulting, you can be confident that we treat only the information needed to keep in touch with you. We save information about the names of our customers’ contacts with contact details such as phone number and email address.

We also have inspected the processes that handle personal data such as name, address and phone number and continuously train our staff, so that they are aware of what information they are entitled to handle regarding our customers’ employees.

Welcome to contact us if you need to find out what information is registered about you here at PU Consulting.

 GDPR in www.puconsulting.se

Best Regards,

Ulf Perell



huntsman tecnoelastomeri


Example Application:

with polyurethane systems  – Wheels , technical parts, rolls, automotive elastomer parts, mining equipment, seals



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ICMA SAN GIORGIO, WPC-Wood Plastic Composites Compouding & Direct Extrusion Systems


WPC-WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITES/co-rotating extruders/twin screw extruder/


Example Application:

  • furniture
  • automotive interiors






Explanation for beginners:

  • DIRECT EXTRUSION LINES –  process that combines the compounding and extrusion technics in one step. These lines are conveniently  equipped with gravimetric dosing units, one or more co-rotating twin-screws designed to mix a resin (like a polyolefin) with other raw materials and usually a downstream systems (a calender or a die) forming a sheet/foil or a profile. Read more in www.puconsulting.se
  • CO-ROTATING TWIN-SCREW EXRTUDERS – an extruder two with intermeshing modular screws  rotating in the same direction. A very good solution to get quality technical compounds made of several ingredients. Read more in www.puconsulting.se

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High Pressure Foaming Machine with press for sale

High Pressure Foaming Machine with press for Sale

Foaming Machine – Pressure – Sales

ECOPLUS SERIES OMS Group has designed and manufactures a new ECOPlus series of high pressure foaming machines, paying particular attention to the compact design of this machine by proposing a simple, user friendly setting of machine parameters to simplify the introduction to high pressure technology. This ultimate version of high pressure unit has been created to meet the particular, environmentally friendly performance and budget targets most commonly required by urethane processors wishing to benefit from a simple to use, reliable and well-specified machine. The OMS ECOPlus series of high pressure units, working at 1:1 or 2:1 basic ratio infinitely variable by inverter with min/max output ranging from 6 l/min to 180 l/min, can be used for virtually all types of polyurethanes production.

Ecoplus_(ENG) (3)



ECOPlus 100 High Pressure Foaming Machine


Impianti OMS Group

Year-Delivered 2014 and started up Feb 2015 and in use until March 2016
Condition –Machine is dissconnected. Can not be seen in production.

Location – Sweden

General Details – Complete production for garage doors or perfect

Terms and Conditions – EXW

Delivery Time – immediately

Payment method –To be agreed

Subject to prior sale Read more

Laboratory instruments for rubber, polyurethane and plastic testing

Laboratory Instruments for rubber, polyurethane, elastomer and plastic testing.

Gibitre Instruments has made an agreement with PU Consulting to distribute the Gibitre Laboratory Instruments in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Gibitre Instruments was founded in 1979. The company was dealing with a wide range of activities in the rubber industry. This include compounding, moulding as well as control instruments production. In 2001 Gibitre Instruments became a separate company.

 Gibitre Instruments – Laboratory instruments for test:

  • during the development to document a modification in the recipe or process.
  • production quality control   
  • on parts bought from outside – quality check – vs. purchasing specification.

Products Overview – Gibitre Instruments

On our homepage you will find the instruments diveded into segments. In addition within each segment you find the equipment and standard.  Also use the link to the pdf to open up the detailed information.   Link to Products Overviw.

You can also look into Gibitre Instruments’ – Product List


The aim of Gibitre Instruments S.r.l. is the development, production and marketing on world scale. The offer is a wide range of instruments for laboratory rubber and plastic testing. The company provides maintenance and calibration after-sell services for the complete range of instruments produced.


The goal is to improve the position of recognized technological partner for all issues related with control of rubber and polymers.

Development of products

Gibitre Instruments continuously develops new instruments in conformity with international standards. Moreover, updates are made of existing products to meet the new needs of the customers.


Gibitre Industries is situated 1o min or 5 km from the airport. There are very good connections by flight from Copenhagen to Milano-Bergamo airport.

You can send your product or drawing and we will suggets the methods to use.

Also bring your samples with you to Bergamo. We will then together prepare the best test to complete your specification. In addition,  you get a training on your instruments and learn how the equipment works.

Welcome to visit Gibitre Industries in BERGAMO


Combine you visit with ovens

Combine you visit and look at our ovens from SERMAC srl … read more

Recycling and new EU environmental goals – Plastic in the sea

On January 16, Recycling and new EU environmental goals was presented “Plastic in the sea”. Among the environmental goals, recycling is in focus, see the press release.

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