Panini is an industrial firm headquartered in Maranello, Italy, with 100 years of experience in the production of industrial pressure vessels.
We are a leader in the industrial thermal plant sector, producing turnkey solutions and custom installations for a wide range of industrial uses. Our projects range from central power plants for the Ferrari automobile company to complete dairy facilities for small Parmesan cheese producers…


Our customers can be found in canning, meat packing, paper, wood, textiles,
chemicals, wine, industrial washing, composites or wherever heat is used in processing.
The Panini name has always been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. For 5 generations Panini has been a strong presence in the Italian market. In recent decades, we have expanded our global presence in food processing, with the goal of becoming a strong producer of flexible batch retorting systems.

We are currently in the middle of an aggressive restructuring program to prepare for the next millennium and the integration of Europe. Our quality
and customer service are already second-to-none. Targeted investment in information technology, an advanced new production facility, and a new ISO
9001-inspired organizational structure is allowing us to improve our competitive edge and grow in the new Europe and the global marketplace.









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