Tecnoelastomeri S.r.l. HUNTSMAN

Tecnoelastomeri is a manufacturer and marketer of polyurethane-based, hot-cast elastomer systems, Tecnothane and processing machines with the name Castech



  • High quality polyurethane system
  • Strong focus on and experience of MDI -Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate 
  • Tailor-made solutions – projects from heavy-duty mining and offshore usage to energy control and robotic applications.


  • High quality technology
  • Precision and flexibility
  • Tailor-made solutions


The combination of CASTECH machines and TECNOTHANE MDI systems
can result in high performance MDI high technology elastomers with long
lasting durability.

CASTECH machines and TECNOTHANE MDI system are designed to work
in harmony, enabling users to improve productivity and optimize costs.

Our mission has also remained the same; to work in partnership with our customers, turning their ideas into a reality, using polyurethane elastomers.

Through our fully integrated departments, we study the science behind our customers’ concepts. We research polymer options, prepare formulations and test performance properties. We can also help design moulds, create prototypes, assess production set up and make machinery recommendations to ensure quality results every time.

In the past this approach formed a firm foundation for our business. In the future – as part of Huntsman – this model will continue. Incorporated into a truly global business we will be able to offer our customers the same high level of service but with access to a wider network of polyurethane experts and manufacturing assets in all regions of the world.


Questionnaires from development:

• Material (soon available here)
• Machines (soon available here)
• Casted parts (soon available here)


Brochure – Tecnoelastomeri Brochure - New version

CASTECH Machines 

• High quality, personalized technologies and services
• Respect for people and the world around us
• Only MDI polyurethane and only safe materials.

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