LMK Thermosafe Ltd

LMK Thermosafe Ltd is the world leader in design and manufacture of Induction Drum Heaters and Flexible Heating Jackets for totes, IBCs, barrels and containers of many sizes, supplying in more than 60 countries …


The original THERMOSAFE Induction drum heater was manufactured and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in 1986.

The Industrial bulk storage market was seeing major growth in the use of 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) at the expense of traditional steel or plastic 200 litre drums, and the next phase of product development focused on introducing a range of flexible heating jackets for different sizes of container not catered for by the drum size only Thermosafe.

Our Business Network

With a full range of heating solutions for standard industrial containers in both hazardous and ordinary locations. Available off the shelf, exports quickly grew as world markets recognized the exceptional quality and value for money of these products.  This resulted in LMK Thermosafe Ltd being awarded the “Queens Award for International Trade” in 2012.









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