LMG Green:

Thanks to professional experience and always innovative projects, LMG Green is an innovative start-up able to provide the best solutions for different working sectors. We design and manufacture distillers and washing equipment. We are specialists in technology for the recovery of solvents and water, coming from company work processes and polluted by inks, pigments, oils or greases.

The fundamental objectives of our work are the improvement of the quality of the production process and safety in the work enviroment and the reduction of disposal costs. In this we also contribute to raising awareness on ecological matters, and to safeguarding the environment.

Through careful and technologically advanced design, we create top quality, efficient and functional machinery, the result of an important production process. Our company deals with all the processing phases, from design to construction to testing of the machinery produced.

Professionalism and passion in our work have allowed us to obtain important international patents.