Bergparma Srl

Bergparma reputation is leading manufacture in Italy of high quality dry cleaning & laundry machinery, manufacturing machine with name of  SUPREMALINDUSBERGPARMA and UNIVERSAL since more than 67 years…


The company was founded in 1951 from the father of the actual family management: Mr. Paolo Rossetti President & CEO and the sisters.

Our facilities insist on an area over 10.000 sq. meter, fully equipped for complete manufacture of metal carpentry, as well welding and machinery working, in order to guarantee a 100% MADE IN ITALY production.

During the years the production capacity increased till about 100 machines per months, sold especially on U.S.A market under private labels as Forenta, Stainer Atlantic, Aerotech, Hoffmann, ect

Our company export already worldwide in more than 60 countries, and we can support you for transportation/commissioning too, also in your country, where we already have several installation in use.

Seven years ago the company bought the trademark, inventory, stock as well project, drawing, licenses and production facilities of the company Amalind, and now we can boost the brand of SUPREMA & LINDUS well know worldwide.

The range of production start from a small 8 kg load capacity till 90 kg loading door, for industry, even in compact than in modular line, SLIM or LARGE version, and fully comply with the strongest world Standards requirement as TUV and 2BimSchV in Germany, Suisse, Austria, GOST in Russia area, Factory Mutual – U.L. in the United States, and many others.

We also can supply machines operate with many different kind of solvents beside the Perchlorethylene, as ClorydeMethylene, any kind of Hydrocarbons, K4, Silicone, Green Earth, Rynex, Hi-glo, Intense & Sensene and also special requirement and special application alongside the dry cleaning business:  lines for tannery and furs/leather, production or textile, silk and knitting manufacture, as well laundry, disinfections, hospitals, washing centers and coin-op, shoes and metal cleaning and industrial work clothes, gloves and technical cloths.-

Our line also include finishing & laundry machinery for a complete turn-key project for laundry and/or dry cleaning, as many countries requires as well complete issue of new shop facilities, and our staff is specialized for lay-out projects, execution, set-up, commissioning and training of employee for new shops.

Enclosed find some brochures/projects of our production, awaiting to know if you are interested, which model/capacity & kind of solvent you need, hourly production, and any other information useful in order to issue you SPECIAL DIRECT offer, as by example your initial budget,  and/or for a complete turn-key project.








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