Baltimore Innovations

Baltimore Innovations is a world-class specialist in the prevention and removal of moisture damage problems in areas such as: aerospace systems, medical packaging, food processing and energy transmission networks…


We offer world-class consultation services, via the use of highly-sophisticated and unique computer modelling systems, that can help clients save millions each year in R&D costs. We also offer a range of high quality silica gel, molecular sieve, activated alumina and desiccant plastic film solutions depend on your needs and available budget.

Hand in hand, with the moisture removal we also supply a wide range of moisture proof packaging solutions; such as barrier foil laminates, pre-formed foil bags, VCI papers and blister packaging.

In addition to moisture removal, and moisture proof packaging, we also offer advice and guidance on how to extend the shelf life of fresh produce via the use of our patented food-safe adsorbents.

As an ISO 9001 company, we pride ourselves on our customer service and product quality. All our desiccant products conform to British Standards, and all of our silica gels and molecular sieves come in a range of physical forms such as powder, beads, crystals and pellets. These can be supplied in sachet form, or as sacks of loose-fill media. We pride ourselves on being a high quality and low-cost supplier of a broad range of products, and we are always keen to prove the point – so feel free to put us to the test.

Our products are arranged into three categories, shown below. If you are looking to dry or control humidity within a package, our desiccants section offers a range of options. For moisture barriers and enclosures please select packaging. Alternatively, if you are looking to automate your production process, whether adding a desiccant or forming a package please choose machinery.










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