We develop and produce innovative, eco-friendly, ergonomic and high-quality systems and facilities for paint using businesses. We represent optimal working safety and highest customer satisfaction, always with the claim to perfection worldwide…

Health, safety and environment:

  • Reduces operator contact with cleaning fluid.
  • Reduces operator contact with vapours due to extraction.
  • Contributes to fire and explosion prevention.
  • Cleaning fluid is contained.
  • Using a gun washer for cleaning spray guns can reduce time pressure on the employee and/or allows efficient use of time (Multitasking).

Economic perspective:

  • Efficient use of time (Multitasking).
  • Reduction of cleaning fluid consumption.
  • A clean gun maintains paint coat quality and process consistent results
  • Increases lifetime of spray gun

Generally we have to follow the VOC regulations from directive 2004/42/EG and 1999/13/EG. In Germany, those regulations have been transferred to state regulations in the regulation 31. BImSchV. In this German regulation it’s mandatory to have a closed of half-closed cleaning device for spray guns. I assume there is also a Swedish regulation following the mentioned directives, which will give you even more input for the pitch in your region/country. Furthermore, you could asked at certain authorities, which create and control regulations for environment and safe & healthy. Those could give you even more input.



The business history of B-TEC starts in 2000 with the foundation of the company by Hans-Joachim Bödrich and Michael Bellroth. Together, and with more than 20 years of technical equipment expertise in the paint shop equipment market, today´s CEO´s and shareholders decided to bring their experience together to found a company.
Today, the B-TEC product range includes a large number of various products which are designed for the individiual demands of different users.





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