High risk decision

Nobody in the business can avoid high risk decision the uncomfortable necessity of sizing a risk. Thus, some situations are similar in most companies:

  • You need to hire a new employee, who has great potential in creating income, but is untested.
  • Your company is struggling to close a big sale, and your supplier changed their material or process specification.
  • To help your customers, you need a material you never used before, but you don’t know how to choose or optimize it to get the best quality.

In some cases, where there is a lot of available data, it’s possible to make a good, well-justified decision. However, most companies face limited information and sometimes need to ask for assistance.

We back you up with facts in high risk decisions

Do you struggle with high risk decisions or does your colleagues have too much work to do?

PU Consulting AB can offer you help for your success with our Network.

Our Network includes:

  • Consultants with top experience;
  • Distribution with selected suppliers;
  • New Development with our competency to support you.

Nils Erik Johansson 

Meet one of PU Consulting AB’s top consultants with more than 30 years of knowledge regarding Polyurethane Elastomers. Nils Erik can help you with:

  • Material science
  • Construction/Design and development
  • Processing technology
  • Follow-up, testing and documentation
  • Purchase specifications
  • Interior and exterior environment
  • Education

Read more about Nils Erik Johansson’s experience and how he can help you.

Risk Management involves identifying, evaluating and implementing strategies to deal with risks. By identifying the risks from development to the production, you will be better prepared to handle those risks in a cost effective way. Since our network has many years of experience in different industries, we can help you to identify the risks in materials and process techniques globally. We can evaluate the situations with you, we can help you with your high risk decision and can also support you in the risky processes. Together we can build your knowledge and prepare you for the competitive decisions.

Help us to help you, ask us!