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Sustainability demands requires asking ourselves questions. For instance if we can use the same amount and type of solvent forever. With the right recycler and effective cleaning the industry reclaims up to 80% of used solvents (including water) to obtain virgin solvent quality and minimum waste.

From several manufacturing companies we learn that targets to use less solvents or green solvents are more easily achieved with recycling. PU Consulting AB have several cases when customers already after 5-12 months (ROI) paid for the investment and can start to save money. Thus it is a considerable step in the right direction of greening the manufacturing processes. A fantastic bonus to that the industry now can follow all goals and rules is to have a short ROI – return on the investment. Combined with washing machines for sectors using rotative printers, each user can find the most suitable solution. Industrial painting and Car Body Shops are examples of other industries who can combine the spray gun cleaners with the recyclers for a closed loop to reuse solvents. sustainability


PU Consulting AB help customers with sustainability by recycling solvent and water, combined with suggesting alternative strong and green solvents. reclaims

1. We evaluate your production, suggest safe solvents, economic recycler solutions to real industrial recycling and other improvements for your employees. sustainability

2. We calculate the (ROI) – return on investment 

   • How much solvents do you buy per year ? sustainability

   • Working days per year and shifts per day ? 

   • If you work with old recycler we need information regarding amount of new solvent and recycled solvent  you use per year ? sustainability


3. We suggest how to reduce the amount of solvents  and offer the right channels to improve the process

4. TO PROVE WE ARE NOT ONLY TALKING  – we offer companies to borrow PU Consulting AB recycler free of charge. 

Type of equipment we offer: sustainability

• Solvent Reclaimerssustainability

From economic solutions to real industrial plants 

• Washing Machines

The whole range studied to get a safe y washing 

• Rotative Printing 

The main sector for LMGgree , each user can find the right solution sustainability

Spray gun cleaning – Industrial Painting and equipment to the Car Body Shops and other Accessories.sustainability

• Isolate and reduce the problems of pollution through distillation of solvent-based liquid waste from the  production process and through the controlled emission into the atmosphere of fumes from washing  solvents.sustainability

• Propose interactive technical solutions between washing and distillation, aimed at rationalizing the  former based on the latter.

• Accentuate our characteristic as a company that is strongly market oriented, by ploughing feedback  from each new experience directly back into standard production.

Example on thermo-set and other industries we can support :

•  Polyurethane (PU)

•  Epoxy (EP)

•  Polyester (UP)

•  Vinylester


•  Coating producers

•  Coating users

• …

•  Recycling the solvents from used clothessustainability


•  Contamination in a liquid 


•  If you have a suggestion on something we should look at  ”please inform us” 

 METSO – See how a satisfied customer test our recycler on the video, we work with the ROI and the result ≈ 80% and ROI ≈ 6months.sustainability

Alpha 12 Recycler  (replaced with PATENTED -LMGgreen )

Contact us to test Recycler for Free.

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