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PU Consulting AB is taking smart glasses into the workplace. Working with consultants’ smart glasses such as F4 makes remote assistance, more accurate on-the-spot advice and problem resolution much faster and easier. In the long run greener and cheaper, with less travels to customers and clients.  Augmented reality – Remote maintenance – Smart Glasses – Job training – Industrial.

Smart Glasses, Augmented reality, Remote maintenance, Job training, Industrial 

PU Consulting AB’s partner, Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri is now thanks to GlassUp able to offer remote technical support to customers using its CASTECH™ elastomer processing machines via an innovative smart goggles system. The new system lets equipment engineers see what CASTECH™ machine operators are looking at, in real time.

Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech elastomers and elastomer casting equipment. Part of global chemical company Huntsman, the systems house offers a bespoke, end-to-end elastomers service.

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Solve problems faster with remote assist – GlassUp


 Smart, safe, powerful

GlassUp F4 is a hands-free wearable device designed to push boundaries in industrial. Several pre-installed apps are part of the basic suite which comes with the glasses, but GlassUp developers also support companies, IoT platforms and software houses in integration and customization.

Featuring an in-built optical system and web cam, the GlassUp system lets the user share a customer’s field of vision, while talking to them at the same time. Running on Windows OS 8 (or later versions), the GlassUp spectacles use a Wi-Fi connection to simultaneously stream images, videos and voice calls. The GlassUp system also comes with its own desktop software.


  • Augmented reality visors for industrial applications. Remote assistance, on the job training, image recognition and much more.
  • Automotive, packaging and insurance are just few examples of industries we are working in.


Want to try before buying?

We at PU Consulting AB understands that sometimes you want to try before your buy. Therefore we offer you to try out a pair of F4 glasses before purchasing them. Contact us

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Keywords: Smart Glasses, Augmented reality, Remote maintenance, Job training, Industrial