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Recycling and new EU environmental goals

Recycling and new EU environmental goals

Meet PU Consulting AB Polyurethane Elastomers Consultant

utech 2018 PU COnsulting AB

2018-5-29( – 31) – Event – UTECH – Visit PU Consulting AB with partners

Magma Macchine Italy MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS 29 – 31 MAY 2018 STAND 718 Magma Macchine designs, manufactures, installs plants and machinery to mix polyurethane and bicomponent resins in general. Starting from the analysis of the customer’s requirements, we develop and manufacture plants and machinery suitable for the customer’s needs. Moreover, Magma provides for technical assistance quickly and […]

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Phthalates Free Pigment Dispersion

Green solvents is your Best Investment – Reuse them!