Questionnaires Pair from GRINP development:

1. The total inner volume of the production where odors and VOCs are generated

2. The total airflow from the production areas and the number of chimney stacks

3. The odor or VOC levels, expressed in o.u / m3 or mg/m3.

4. A blueprint of the air conducts inside the plant, so that we understand where they aspirate the odors or VOCs.

5. What kind of abatement technologies do you currently have in place (bio-filters, scrubbers, thermal oxidizers, etc.).


As soon as we receive this information we will be able to define and reply with Quotation how to execute the testing and GRINP will come up to do a site inspection.  Points 1 and 2 are especially important, you can start sending these as soon as you have them.