Irac Tech Srl

Irac Tech Srl is aimed at all those market segments where the solvents, including water, flammable or not, are the only or the best means for washing, degreasing, cleaning, producing and proposing machines that Isolate and reduce the problems of pollution by the distillation of process wastewater-based solvent, and the controlled emission into the atmosphere of the washing solvent vapors… Solvents washing machines


Propose techniques interactive solutions between washing and distillation designed to rationalize une as a function of the other.
Accentuate its characteristic of highly oriented pouring market, every new experience Company derived, directly on standard production.

The production Irac Tech Srl is directed, as well as washing and distillation, also to optimize the current problems of environmental impact. This is thanks to the study and design of new systems that allow to conclude the wash cycle, by integrating the production tanks Irac Tech Srl drying of the pieces, the control and minimization emission of vapors into the atmosphere, while respecting an environmental context now subject, in addition to those of common sense, even more stringent regulations at an international level.

Recycle water based products with Alpha and MAV distillers – 12 hours time is referred to alpha series recyclers. The MAV series with vacuum system take up to 10 hours.


.Solvents washing machines



Alpha Recycler – METSO test

AV Recycler

MAV Recycler – Automatic Distillation plant MAV technical description

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