Hennecke – OMS

Over 50 years of expertise in polyurethane processing.

Machine and plant technology from the industrial heart of Italy

HENNECKE-OMS was founded under the name “Impianti OMS” in the late 1960s during the expansion of the polyurethane foam industry. The aim was to produce high quality continuous production lines for polyurethane-based flexible and hard foam applications. The product portfolio quickly expanded to cover a broad spectrum of polyurethane foam machines which are used in countless applications across the world…


In over 50 years of business, HENNECKE-OMS has gradually evolved into the global leader for the continuous production of sandwich panels. Today, HENNECKE-OMS focuses its business on producing plant technology for the manufacture of sandwich panels with a core structure of polyurethane or mineral wool, as well as the manufacture of polyurethane insulating panels. In addition, HENNECKE-OMS offers its customers a range of well-established low-pressure metering machines. Right from the beginning, the HENNECKE-OMS production facilities at the company headquarters in Verano Brianza, close to the economic hub of Milan, paid particular attention to technical innovations, cost-effect solutions and uncompromising product quality. More than 140 highly motivated staff work at the 18,000 m² site on dependable product solutions for the polyurethane industry. HENNECKE-OMS is a member of the HENNECKE GROUP, which is made up of twelve companies situated in the most important economic centers and markets in the world.


High and low pressure machines for casting and pouring chemicals systems as :

Rigid PU-PIR / Flexible PU /  Integral skin / Viscoelastic / Phenolic resin / Epoxy resin / Elastomer / DCPD / Metton / Telene / RIM – RRIM / Thixotropic gasket




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