Plasma Technology: innovation, performance, sustainability

GRINP is an Italian company founded in Turin in 2005. We are leader in atmospheric plasma technology thanks to our qualification in designing and manufacturing resource-efficient systems based on proprietary plasma technology. It develops both laboratory and industrial scale machinery…


GRINP Plasma Technology unlocks the development of sustainable processes in several fields:

  • Textiles, Through selective grafting in controlled gas atmosphere, new functional applications can be reached or enhanced.  Polymer deposition is another area of great interest to improve printability and adhesion.  Complete and permanent sterilization of textile surfaces is a breakthrough for a number of medical applications.
  • Environmental, decontaminating polluted air and water
  • Plastics, enhancing surface properties for automotive, packaging, flexible electronics and photovoltaic applications

Our ongoing R&D&I efforts to offer disruptive solutions that cater to customer needs are based on three key concepts: innovation, performance, sustainability.

Products: We develop high quality laboratory and industrial machinery for sustainable processes in several fields.

Customization: We offer personalized solutions adapting our technologies to any need or developing ad hoc systems.

Innovation: Our machines contain our know how, the result of 15 years of research and continuous R&D&I efforts.

Environment: Our modern technology allows the reduction of water, chemicals and energy ensuring high performances.





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